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  1. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Some beautiful pictures of this 150 year old American Co pocket watch in this post, thought worth sharing.
  2. Oris
    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and Oris watches. I was wondering if anyone could date my pocket watch. The face has Roman numerals and states 'Oris Anti Shock Swiss Made'. It appears to be that there used to be gold plating but most of it has worn off and also I think it is wind up as that...
  3. Omega
    Hello, My grandpa gave me his Omega pocket watch last month and i would like to know wich caliber it is. The serial is 6493206. The watch is a 1923-1929. Also if you know the BPM it will be appreciate. Thank you for your help, Louis :-)
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I HAVE SOME DOUBTS REGARDING THE AUTHENTICITY OF THIS POCKET WATCH 1)The name longines appears to be hand written 2)There is no serial number on the back 3)There is a engraving saying grand prix 1889 which i havent seen on any other models Kindly help verify if it is a fake or real cause without...
  5. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi This is my first time posting on here, so please be patient with me as I'm just getting to know how the site works! My problem is involving an old pocket watch that has been passed down from my grandfathers uncle to him. It stopped working many years ago, and on trying to fix it, there was...
  6. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Dear fellow watch lovers, This is my first post here. I have a Swiss pocket gold, originally owned by my great grandfather. I have searched the internet and I cannot identify the maker of this watch. It has 2 serial numbers on the cover 1 4262 and 4156 so it should be an early model for that...
  7. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, I got this pocke twach from my grandfather. Can anyone tell me some information about it? Tanks a lot!!
  8. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello .. Does anyone have any info on this lovely, quality made watch .. Looks to be solid gold but I do not have the appropriate tool to open it .. Very slim .. very tactile .. Thank you. Wendy.
  9. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, I recieved this pocket watch from my grandmother and she told me it was my great grandfather's watch, i recently started investigating it and opened it… I don't see any clear indications about the brand or the date of construction. Maybe someone in here can help me? On the inside...
  10. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi Guys (Thanks to Marrick for your prompt response in my previous post). Researching pocket watches for a friend made me remember my dad's "pocket watch" he purchased in Switzerland in the 60s. He was a Filipino career diplomat, newly married and posted to Berne, where my brother and I was...
  11. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Does anyone know what it. Is it gold? what carat? what year? Any value to it? I tried online to look, but can't find the exact one with a military dial in red on the face. It is in nice working order. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sara
  12. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi everyone - this is my first official post, and I am looking forward to hearing from anyone that can help me identify this pocket watch. The watch belonged to my fathers, father. I never met my grandfather, he died before I was born, and my dad has since passed away as well. So, unfortuneately...
  13. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Guys/girls I saw this watch at my local antique shop and they are currently selling it for $6,200. I have not asked if they do further discount basically the pocket watch is an 18ct gold full hunter Elgin pocket watch made in 1888, they said "Both sides of the case are polished with no engine...
  14. Russian watches
    I have an old Russian? pocket watch and was wondering if anyone can check out my pictures and pass on any info you may have. Thanks so much!
  15. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, Just wondering if anyone could help me identify an old pocket watch. I do not know much about it and you will have to excuse the photos (my parents took these). All I really know about the watch is that it is 18c Gold, manufactured in London circa 1876 and in excellent condition. Thank...
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Yesterday I found this pocket watch in a second hand shop and when we opend it we found the brand 17 jewels (red/purple stones), swiss made, some numbers maybe serial numbers phi(?) 92996811 made for hand and 616 6261256 made with a stamp "propably" It also says Facit and swiss made on the...
  17. Vintage & Pocket watches
    It´s an Omega, owned by my great-grandfather, or his father again. Or it SAYS it´s an Omega. What do you think? I haven´t opened it yet, and I have no idea how, so that´s just gonna have to wait. Was this kind of decal normal, or did my ancestors have problems converting 12 hours to 24 hours...
  18. Public Forum
    the only information i have is the stuff you can already see: Majestron. Quartz. i dont have the tools and im a bit paranoid to try to take the watch out of the case. the top of the case, slightly rounder than the bottom. opened up, view of inside the case: face: any information or help on...
1-18 of 18 Results