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  1. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Is this a real Paul Garnier? If so would really appreciate any information about the movement as I am looking for parts. Thanks!!
  2. Omega Fake Busters
    I would be grateful if someone will enlighten me about this movement?
  3. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, I just got handed down a pocket watch from my great grandfather as a gift. I have been trying to identify it, so i can get it correctly serviced, but i am struggling as i can't seem to find a watchmakers mark. I have posted photos below. If anyone could help me figure it out i would be...
  4. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, I’ve inherited this Tempora watch and I would like to know if any of you would provide me further information about its year, its history or its value. I cannot find the brand registers but I do have the serial number (as you can see in picture 3). Thank you!
  5. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello Everyone, I show you my new acquisition, a tourbillon with fusee and chain and detent escapement, made around 1860 from Le Locle, Switzerland, unsigned, for the spanish market It's been a few years since I started to look for a tourbillon, I found a few karrusels and 4 or 5 minutes...
  6. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Does anybody knows what is the name of this pocket watch? It was used by Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes movies.
  7. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I got this pocket watch awhile ago and the man that i got it from said the watch was 900 silver and was made around late 1800s and he had shown some of the markings it had and showed the movement which does work. I've never really thought about what company made this as I'm assuming the 7 digit...
  8. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi Everybody! I have a beautiful and nicely working Burlington Special pocket watch. Model 5, grade 174, 19 jewels, made in 1908. Unfortunately the hands of the watch are not in the best shape. Does anybody know where I could find a set of hands for this model? Preferably old new stock but I'd...
  9. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I'm waiting for some spare parts to arrive so I took up an idea that I have had for a long time: restoring and / or making custom dials. I want to try treatments of various types to polish, paint and print dials. Long ago I took apart a pocket watch that finally ended up in the spare parts...
  10. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, Could anyone help me with the markings on this pocket watch case please, maker? presumed period? and also what the symbol is? Many thanks Matt
  11. Photography
    I recently inherited this old pocket watch from my late grandmother. It was received by her father as a 50-years birthday present from his employer. I haven't done any watch photography before (even though Ming Thein is my photography guru). So I borrowed a consumer-grade Olympus camera and the...
  12. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Good afternoon gentlemens, I have just missed the really good quarter repeater in working condition and feel really sad about it :( And I'm still looking for the right marriage watch and this time it can be something interesting. Or not. I met so many bad sellers...recently I've found a...
  13. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Good evening gents, I have a question regarding the movement below. So I've found this nice-looking movement but I'm still in doubt. Could you please help me to dig some more information about it? I can see that it has the typical Breguet balance wheel and also typical for breguet blue...
  14. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, A friend of mine gave me this watch today, it has International Watch C.º on the dial, a beautiful wood case and inside a swiss movement signed by the famous watch maker. It's a pocket watch on a clock case, the movement is in a very poor condition, has lots of dirt, but I don't think...
  15. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello. Please help me to find the information about caliber 19.57 Longines. There are no similar instances in the Internet. Best regards, Andrei
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, I recently saw a nice and interesting old pocket watch on the internet, being sold by an old man. The pictures he sent me are not clear, i tried to look for the model on the internet, but didn't managed to find any that looks the same. *The hands are missing. It is sold as "not...
  17. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all, This is my first post in f11, most of the time I hang out in f10 and occasionally in f71. Although I don't collect any pocket watches and all my vintage wristwatches are Soviet-made I would very much like to find out as much as I can about this particular pocket watch right here: The...
  18. Vintage & Pocket watches
    This is what i found at flea market today. I thought it was a nice box... then opened it and wow - Junghans. Got it for 5 euro (I am from Lithuania). It's working... nice thing for 5eur :)
1-18 of 112 Results