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polishing watches

  1. FS: The Premiere Scratch & Scuff Removal Solution. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! See Photos...

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    No matter how careful you are, when you wear your watches the bracelet and case will accumulate tiny scuffs and scratches. In relative short periods of time, these tiny scuffs take their toll on your prized timepiece making them appear old, worn, and less valuable. Get rid of scuffs, scratches...
  2. Where to get the case & bracelet of an out-of-warranty Omega polished in the Los Angeles Area

    Hi all, My first post in this sub forum...My dad has a 20 year old Omega quartz watch which has a lot of scratches and a couple of dents. He would like to have it polished. I wonder if the Omega/Swatch service center is the only option in the Los Angeles area. If I remember correctly from...
  3. To polish, or not to polish, that is the question

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi guys What are your views on polishing crystals and cases of vintage watches? Do collectors like to leave them as is? Or do you like to clean them up? And does it affect the value?
  4. How to: Polinoxx

    Hi there. One of those dumb questions: How to use Polinoxx polishing compound for stainless steel, nickel, titanium....
  5. experience with watch cleaning cloths

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    What is your personal experience with various jeweler quality cleaning cloths? I am not referring to scratch removal or other abrasive cloths/pads for repairs of a watch's finish. I am referring to cloths that can be used regularly to wipe over a watch to keep the grime off of it and to remove...
  6. Polishing / Waxing / Protecting Watches...even new ones

    Public Forum
    Does anyone have any pointers or experience with the best protective coating to apply to a watch and band to protect it from scratches and scuffs? People in the automotive detailing world swear by products such as Liquid Glass or Klasse or Collinite to protect their vintage and high-end...
  7. Brushed/Polished - help

    I am proud to announce I am the proud owner of a SOH 46mm on an Ocean Racer. I'm thrilled to finaly be so fully satisfied with a watch purchase as this one. So, despite my wants for an Omega PO, I'm thinking a Super Ocean Steelfish (current, w/ arrow hand) will satisfy my future purchases...
  8. Buffing out scratches

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone. I havnt done to much research abuot this and i was wondering is there anyway that i can buff out scratches at home? If so let me know the best way. Thakn you Blake