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  1. 24 Hour watches
    Hi folks, I recently bought a 24 hr Russian watch and don’t really know what to make of it. Highly suspect it’s a frankenwatch, but it has a see through case back that does seem to show a correct 24 hr movement in the 2623 H. Don’t know the brand or model of the watch. Can someone shed some...
  2. Russian watches
    Hi everyone, I'm just starting out my collection. I purchased preowned a Strela Poljot 1254G 3133 movement recently and the chronograph minute counter has started skipping by up to 15min when I engage the chronograph. My local watch repair center didn't even open the watch and said it is a...
  3. Russian watches
    Came across these two handsome guys today. Condition is reasonably ok - no major dents, a bit dirty dials. Seller claims both have been recently serviced. Cases have obviously been polished. Asking price is just under USD 100 for each. Need advice if these can be original and if yes, are...
1-3 of 3 Results