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  1. Poll: Do you prefer Quartz or Mechanical/Automatic watches (and why)?

    Public Forum
    I know this topic has been beaten to a pulp on various occasions, but I don't think I've seen a POLL on it, and I'm genuinely curious if the consensus on "Automatic superiority" is really as high as it appears at first glance. Now, I'm not ashamed to admit it - I PREFER QUARTZ! There, I said...
  2. Which Diver For Under 500?

    Public Forum
    I have been looking into purchasing a diver on the smaller side and these are my final choices for now. Any reason to go for one or the other?Also, im still open to other options that are better options overall. Options that I have looked at so far: Neptune Series 3 Maen Hudson 38mm Automatic...
  3. Vote for the "BEST" field watch

    Affordable watches
    Hey everyone, hope your Tuesday is going great. So here we have some watches that I own from which to choose. Which one of these do you think is the BEST and WHY? :think: 1. Marathon JSAR 2. Seiko SNK803 3. Luminox RECON 4. Timex Expedition 5. Citizen AW1361
  4. What brands do WUS forum's users prefer? [Attention admins]

    Public Forum
    I have no idea it this has been done before (too impatient to search), but can we ask admins to create a poll listing only the watch brands for users to vote on which brands they have (multiple selection is ok)? It will give an interesting overview of the most preferred brands. This will also...
  5. Complications vs. Decoration - What kind of guy are you?

    Public Forum
    If you had to choose, would you go for the watch with the best complication or the one with the best decoration? Curious to see what you guys prefer... I think these 2 brands are great examples where there is an apparent "trade-off" Habring2 vs. DD&S
  6. POLL: Forums buyers - do you ever use escrow? Just wire?

    Public Forum
    A poll if you buy watches on forums (say over $1000 or more) from people you do NOT know Does what you do change depending on the value of the watch? And if you use 2-6….is there a reason why people do not use escrow? I read about it but I think nobody uses it I think but I don't know why. It...
  7. Which Speedie? Hypothetical.

    A bit of fun to liven up the mid-week... I was browsing the Speedmaster line the other day when I thought: "What if Omega had not been selected by NASA and no Speedmaster had been to the moon nor gone into space? Without the historical space connection then which Speedmaster would I buy?" The...
  8. $230 fix for a $800 dollar watch?

    Public Forum
    so i've had the pleasure of owning a beautiful hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic since 2014. I've been proudly using it since 2014 as a daily beater and it has finally given up on me o|.One of the screws came off the watch into the movement until it eventually got inside the spinning wheel :-|. So...
  9. Seamaster 300 Homage - Project Spectre - POLL No.1

    Affordable watches
    This is the first Poll to decide on the overarching approach to the project... please read the main [Seamaster 300 Homage - Project 'Spectre'] thread before voting. There is a lot of information, inspiration and wise words of WISdom already... especially read Docvail's post number 226 :-)...
  10. Seamaster 36mm vs 41mm

    Hello guys. Just so you guys get to know a little bit of why I want a Seamaster so bad, here's why. I'm originally from an island called Madeira, if you're a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, you'll know which one it is, but, unfortunately I'm working and living in the UK for a year now and there's...
  11. Your new watches - 2014

    Public Forum
    I haven't seen a thread on this yet, but I think it's about time for the annual new watch review... Poll: How many watches did you acquire this year (anything new to you counts including used and vintage) Optional: Post some pics of the class of 2014 (Here's the 2013 one for comparison...
  12. Which watch do you wear the most?

    Public Forum
    When I first came to this site with 1 watch I used to see comments on people 'rotating their watches'. After a while I realised it wasn't changing the position of the watch for optimal mechanical accuracy, but instead some OCD sequence they used for watch wearing. :-) Now I'm up to 5 watches I...
  13. Can you help me choose between these 4 chronographs?

    Public Forum
    Decisions, decisions... Rolex Daytona (Used) IWC Portugese (New Ref 3714) Omega Speedmaster (Vintage Pre-Moonwatch Ref 105.012) Heuer Carrera (Vintage Ref 1153 Cal 11) Prices aren't as much of an issue since they fall between a small enough range. Love to hear y'all opinions. I know...
  14. Your bezel scratches

    Public Forum
    I was looking at my two most frequently worn watches and noticed the minor bezel scratches were in roughly the same place on each watch... I must be doing something consistently wrong I thought... maybe I've been walking through doorways wrong all these years and can't help hitting the watch on...
  15. OLD VS NEW (PRC 200 models)

    OLD (before 2013 model) NEW (after 2013 model)
  16. What is your favourite Stowa range?

    Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    There don't seem to be many polls here in the Stowa forum. So let's correct that with a bit of fun. What is your favourite product range from Stowa? Tough to limit it to one I know. You can think about the completeness of the range or the aesthetic of the common design across the range or just...
  17. Your new watches - 2013

    Public Forum
    So, only a couple of weeks of 2013 left... I hope it's been a good year for you all. What about your watches? Poll: How many new watches did you get this year? Optional: Post some pics of your class of 2013... (N.B. new means new to you, used & vintage count)
  18. F74 Project Accent Color Poll

    DWF Project Watch
    Here are the options for accent colors for the F74 Diver. This poll will run for 72 hours. Next up will be the runoff for date location.
  19. Poll: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra or Rolex Explorer or Archimede Outdoor or Other

    Public Forum
    So ignoring price (kind of), Which would you buy? And if not one of the three which other would you buy. Must meet the criteria: 1. Must be water resistant/proof to 100m minimum (Wear it in the shower, to bed etc.). 2. Must not have a bezel. 3. Must have only a hour, minute and second hand...
  20. Who would approve of a regular "Flash-Alert" for modern tough-solar models?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, I was wondering why that feature vanished. The ancient DW-5600 has had it, more recent models with a "Ralley-Timer" have it as well, even if limited to that mode, it cannot be a matter of battery-issues. We are may not be representative for Casio's entire target-group of customers, but...