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  1. Public Forum
    Scratches all over my Omegas so I finally took the plunge and tried Polywatch. Didn't take out the deep gouge liked I hoped but everything else was smoothly polished away.
  2. Public Forum
    Experienced tinkerers, lend me your thoughts: Would a couple of thin layers of Polywatch protect a chrome-plated brass bezel well (on a Vostok watch for example)? Have I stumbled upon a bright idea... or not at all? And more specifically: How easy is Polywatch to work with? Would this look...
  3. German watches
    As a courteous public service announcement, I wanted to let everyone know that buffing/polishing the Max Bill crystal with polywatch is apparently a bad idea. I tried buffing out a small scratch and ended up rubbing off the SICRALAN coating and creating a mess. Then I found this ...
  4. Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi all, Just wondering if you can shed some light on whether or not PolyWatch is harmful on seals/gaskets (similar to say, Cape Cod "juice" in terms of gasket interaction no-no)? I wash my watches pretty good after using PolyWatch, but just want some clarification. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results