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  1. Public Forum
    Citizen, Seiko, Casio... have solar watches. I really like to have this kind to complement automatics, because it's the kind of quartz that requires less maintenance and it is easier to charge (compared with kinetic / auto-quartzs). If they are radio controlled, you don't even have to worry...
  2. Digital & ABC watches
    Recently I acquired the new digital watch from SEIKO with S770 movement and the new electrophoretic display. (I tried to insert picture here but it did not upload) The technology is fantastic but I have a serious problem. The watch falls in power save state (ie. it turns off time...
  3. Seiko
    Hello, this is my first post to this forum. As well as first Citizen!... I did some search on my problem as well but didn't find exactly the same topic. In brief, I bought this model which in the flesh is one hell of a watch. But when i played setting it up and trying out alarm, chrono etc the...
1-3 of 3 Results