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  1. Reviews
    I have never done a review before so go easy on me if you are reading this. I put this up in the other thread, but it's in the public forum so I'm not sure if everyone will be looking at it. Pre-order: I really start to dislike pre orders in general. This watch was not the reason for that as...
  2. MK II
    :-) Howdy Folks - Long ago, I signed up for email notifications from MKII on the Project 300. Yesterday, July 20, I received a notification from MKII that 2nd Stage Pre-Ordering will open on July 25, 2016 at 3pm EST. Text of email notification quoted below: (Note: The hyper-link quoted...
  3. Dive watches
    Following up the partnership between Prometheus Watch Company and OceanicTime on the Prometheus Manta Ray LE we have partnered once again to release the Prometheus Poseidon 3500m OceanicTime Special Limited Edition. The 3500m Prometheus Poseidon for OceanicTime is an avant-garde diver watch...
  4. Public Forum
    Because we lost the recent thread, we copy and paste the one we could find in the Google cache. Sorry for the incvonenience, we are still working on the loss of the sticky threads.
1-4 of 6 Results