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  1. PRG 270 vs PRG 240 vs Suunto Vector - at same price, which one would you recommend?

    Digital & ABC watches
    1) Im getting all 3 of them (PRG 270, 240 and Suunto Vector) at almost the same price (Resin Band). So guys, if you had to pick one, which one it would be? PS: mostly will be using it as an everyday watch on formals, including for ocassional hikes and biking. So, dead-drop accuracy or V3 sensor...
  2. My blunt review of the Casio MBH PRG-130Y

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hello people. (Excuse the finger). MBH = Massive black hole (for those wondering). This is my new PRG-130Y. It's really black! Got this today and I thought I'd share my 2 cents. What I like: I'm sure all of you are acquainted with basic ABC functions so I won't go into detail here. I bought...
  3. Choosing between PRG-200T-7 OR PRG-200-1DR?

    Casio G-Shock
    i'm indecisive on choosing either of the model stated on the title... well, between PRG-200T-7 and PRG-200-1DR... OR which do u think is a better buy? function is the same, the only major differences is the look and of course the titanium bracelet which in my country cost additional...
  4. What is the difference between a Pathfinder and a ProTrek?

    Not strictly a G-Shock question but close enough! Some websites and retailers refer to Pathfinders and some to Protreks - they are essentially the same watch. Casio's ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) or outdoor watch line. Pathfinder - USA and most of the rest of the world. Model numbers...
  5. Living with a PRG-50?

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hi. Any Protrek PRG-50 owners out there with a view on how they get on with it? Seems to me like a PRG-40 without the four-batteries issue, which makes it a good idea to me!
  6. Your choice...

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Hello, which of the two clocks would you use, for a hard military mission? or the greets Delphi