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  1. German watches
    From the very first time I saw this black-cased version of Hanhart's Primus Desert Pilot, I couldn't stop thinking about it. A total indulgence, but worth it. Unboxing pix are here for those who are interested--let's just say that Hanhart doesn't skimp on the packaging.
  2. Public Forum
    The unboxing to end all unboxings. And... the watch, which is fantastic.
  3. Reviews
    Vandaag sent me their Primus and Schallmauer watches to review. Here is my review of the Primus: Detailed written review with lots of delicious macros: Vandaag Primus - Beans & Bezels
  4. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Just wanted to write up a short positive review for seller Tom Chang (I think his user ID is tc3). I'm a noob on this site, and purchased the watch a couple of years ago, and am just now figuring out how to do a shout out. He sold me a Hanhart Primus Pilot watch, and it arrived in amazing shape...
  5. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I'm hoping to find either a Primus (1st choice) or a Tachytele. If you have either one to sell please let me know. Thanks!
  6. 2011
    HANHART - Primus Pilot Hanhart is synonymous with reliable and robust high precision watch instruments for use in the air, on land and on water. The Primus Pilot is a perfect example of this, underscoring this Swiss/German brand's tradition and unique know-how. Hanhart has chosen an elegant...
  7. 2009
    The legendary "Calibre 40" aviator chronograph, launched in 1938 and a coveted object among collectors if ever there was one, returns to centre stage in a faithful replica called the Primus. Featuring the emblematic red pushpiece of all the brand's chronographs, the Primus Pilot is an elegant...
1-7 of 7 Results