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    Hello WUS I am selling a NIB Pro-Trek PRW 3100-FC-1DR, with version 3 sensors and module 3444. This is the higher grade model with sapphire crystal and composite bracelet. Full details are here: PRW-3100FC-1DR ? CASIO CENTRE. The watch is unworn and unsized. It has original box and papers, and...
  2. Casio Pro-Trek or Suunto Core?

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hi, I've been reading many threads here but I don't think I've found a satisfying answer to my dilemma yet. Last week I purchased a Suunto Core Regular Black (with the positive display). It looks pretty good and seems to function properly. I've been reading a lot about this watch and about...
  3. Casio Pro Trek PRW-2500-1A ABC solar Atomic Stealth model

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    $200.00 and this includes paypal fees and CONUS shipping Via USPS. This a catch and release for me. I purchased this watch a couple of weeks ago on WUS. This is the second one of this watch that I have owned and just want something different. The watch is very clean, spotless. The strap is...
  4. Casio Pathfinder Pro-Trek PAG-240 SOLD

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    Price Drop $165 shipped and paypal fees. SOLD Thank you WUS I purchased this watch from another forum member. This watch is MINT. I can not find a blemish on it anywhere. The previous owner called it "minty" and he was correct. The band is new, never worn. I have worn the watch three times...

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    NOW SOLD. Well-used example (but plenty of life in it!) of a Pathfinder (Pro-trek) PAG40-3V with many nicks and gouges but just a couple of hairlines on the crystal. Could be restored with the correct parts. Boxed but no manual. Asking SOLD FOR $62 shipped CONUS, $10 more for international...
  6. Casio PRW-1500T-7VER for sale uk sales only for the time being owing to xmas post etc.

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Only about 2 month old, been worn twice just to try on, never taken outside the house, never worn for longer than an hour both times. As new condition, all boxes and tags and manuals etc. Looking for £200 that includes next day special delivery within mainland Britain to make sure it should...
  7. Which model has the biggest diameter casio available?

    Casio G-Shock
    As per subject. Which casio model has the biggest diameter available in the market? i've seen a guy wearing a Casio (labelled as Casio only and not Protrek) with the size of it bigger than Protreks... would like to know which model available that have the biggest diameter in size... thx...
  8. Casio PRX-2000YT - different models

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hello, I've been wearing Casio Pro-Trek watches for quite some time now and just wanted to make my move to one of the new Models. When I saw the new special editions being launched from Japan I was very eager to get it. However now I am a bit confused and I hope you guys can shed a bit of...
  9. PAW-1500GB-1VCR [Modem Burner]