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  1. G-Shock GBD-H1000 and tattooed skin

    Public Forum
    looking to get the new G-Shock GBD-H1000 but wasn't sure if my tattooed skin would stop the heart rate monitor from working on me, like the fitbits. Anyone got problems like this ?
  2. Attention: Problems with Stowa

    Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    Hello Watchuseek, This is a thread I did not want to create in the first place but I felt that I had to. So where should I begin? This is my first "serious" watch. I ordered a marine 36mm with roman numerals with the hand-wound movement (2804-2) from Stowa. I decided to purchase the...
  3. Timex Expedition Chronograph Problem

    Affordable watches
    Hi guys, I hope you can help me out on this one! After sending this watch (Timex Expedition T49904) to change the battery, it came back with the chronograph working partially and the time keeping not precise. I brought the watch back to the jeweler and he said the watch was broken when he fixed...
  4. Crown/stem gasket broke and a piece fell out - help!

    Dive watches
    Folks: A months-old Pantor Nautilus (love it by the way), with which I am very careful...suddenly a piece of black gasket was visiible when trying to screw down the crown after time setting. (I set weekly to the atomic signal, so I'm unscrewing and screwing down the crown once a week...
  5. Armida A1 Factory Defects

    Affordable watches
    Hi, I received my Armida A1 42mm from 2 days. I found 2 mai defects: -Bezel insert misalignment, about 0.5mm -A blunt hit on the top left lug I mailed them 4 Times, from yesterday, asking how to proceed for an RMA, but i have not been responded. From your experience what can i do? I payed...
  6. Help with a Seiko SSB059P1

    Hello watch lovers, I've got a strange case with a Seiko SSB059P1. I've had it for some time now (~3 years) and it ran great, until this March. Being a quartz watch, the only servicing it received was the occasional battery change (I seemed to drain it with the chronograph function). All the...
  7. Watch Crystal Protectors-Stay Away From "standingo" on Ebay

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Hey Guys. Just a heads up. This guy was very unpleasant to deal with, and his product was useless. Had to file an appeal with Ebay, and the seller feedback I left has disappeared. Finally got a refund, but the product review I submitted yesterday still hasn't posted: "Mine were cut too large for...
  8. Citizen Nighthawk GMT hand jumping randomly

    I just got a used Citizen Nighthawk, the relatively old one with the GMT scale one the left side and the plane-shaped GMT hand (BJ7000-52E). It came without a manual, but I read a lot of forum post and watched videos about its operation. Sadly mine appears to have a major issue - the GMT hand...
  9. Brand new SKX007 having issues

    Hello all, Proud owner (or was) of a brand new Seiko SKX007 as my first ever automatic. Bought off Creation Watches through recommendation and received late last night. Quite excited and everything seemed fine, gave it a good ol' Seiko shake to wind it and left it on my night stand. In the...
  10. Help!!! Omega/Lemania 9000 hands stuck! :(

    Public Forum
    Hallo ewerybody, a while ago I have bought Lemania stopwatch, it is beautifu piece, but just operating was stiff with the delays... So I decided to service it. Problem was to remove hands - I thought - watch probably hasnt got service in a long...loooong time, so it is stuck with hardened oils...
  11. Sinn U1000 Chronograph Issue

    Hello, all, I recently purchased myself a Sinn U1000S from a dealer on Chrono24 as a holiday present for myself. I received it yesterday, and I believe the chronograph is working improperly. When I activate the chronograph, the minute totalizer hand immediately jumps to 1, instead of remaining...
  12. SW200 hands setting issue

    Hi everyone, maybe you can help me. I have a Sinn U1 purchased in early 2015. This was one of the first U1s with a Sellita movement. I am unsure whether this is an issue or something to be expected from this movement. What happens is as follows:- After you unscrew the crown and leave...
  13. Sinn U1 - Sellita SW200 hand adjustment issue

    Hi everyone, maybe you can help me. I have a U1 purchased in early 2015. This was one of the first U1s with a Sellita movement. I am unsure whether this is an issue or something to be expected from this movement. What happens is as follows:- After you unscrew the crown and leave it in...
  14. I am in a state of panic. Possible faulty Omega Speedmaster freshly purchased from an AD.

    I bought an Omega Speedmaster Co Axial Calibre 9300 from an authorized dealer. In short, the chronograph is not working. Start/Stop does not seem to command the watch to do anything. All of the relevant hands are stuck at the 12. What should I do? The store opens today at 9:30am. The receipt...

    Archive: Reference Articles, FAQ, & Model Guides
    Hey guys.. My stopwatch isn't working. I just changed the battery yesterday and when I tried the stopwatch it isn't working at all. I've tried all methods but the stopwatch still doesn't work at all.. Any way I can fix this? D: Here's my watch:
  16. Strange scratch on movement- PR100 Automatic

    Greetings fellow forum users, This is my first post to the forum. I bought a PR100 Automatic, my first automatic watch, from watch in late 2012. It was perfect, and I had nothing to complain until recently I have noticed strange scratches on the movement which are visible...
  17. Orient Bambino Date Wheel Replacement

    I had to make my bambino's date wheel fixed and to to do that I gave my watch to a official orient dealer in my city. After 1 week I got the watch back but there is something different now. The date wheel is metallic colored instead of white. Personally I find it a little disturbing. The...
  18. Problem with Caravelle 12 Jewels Transistorized M9?

    Affordable watches
    I can't seem to get it to run. Although I wasn't sure what battery size it takes, after much trial and error I think I found the right one (Renata 350), but it still doesn't run. No loose of shaking parts inside, any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
  19. JLC Reverso Duoface Question/Concern

    Hi Everyone! Recently I was in one of my favorite watch shops browsing their inventory and made a pretty big impulse buy. The store had a basically brand new JLC Reverso Duoface ref #273.8.85 that was an incredible bargain. I've been in the market for a Reverso for a little while now and with...
  20. Problem with Eterna Monterey Valjoux 7750

    Dive watches
    I have a problem with my Eterna Monterey Valjoux 7750. After setting the watch (I think i made a mistake and set it between 8-3) the date turns at 4, not at 12. Do anyone know what the problem is? When setting the watch, the date would not turn at first, but after setting the watch a few day...