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  1. The problem that no one talks about?

    Public Forum
    What is that one thing within the watchmaking/watchcollecting community that just doesn't sit well with you and no one seems to be trying to fix it or even talk about it? For me it is the blurring line between sports and dress watch, sometimes you just can't tell them apart. Good? Bad? In my...
  2. I am so over with Glycine!

    Glycine Airman - you either hate 'em or love 'em. I used to be in the later category. NOT Anymore! I was impressed with the Glycine history and how the airman series came into existence but couldn't bring myself in paying over $1500 for it. But with all discounts going on Glycine watches, I...
  3. What should I do with my Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime?

    Public Forum
    I've recently purchased a Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtimer and theres a lot of things about the watch that I really like, the day date is actually quite useful, I still haven't gotten over the novelty of the Tritium Lume and the look and feel of the watch is great! So far though my...
  4. Big trouble with GW-9300GB MUDMAN, please help (photos of the watch dissasembled)

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi all, I've got a second hand GW-9300GB and it seemed to work OK for a whole day. Battery meter was at Medium (M). Suddently I check it out and the screen has gone completely black, buttons don't respond (!) I've just took a shower with the watch and my first thought is: water got inside. So...
  5. problem failure on self winding omega seamaster 300m 1120

    hi i am having issue on my omega seamaster 1120 when i fully manual wind my watch the power reserve last for about 44 hours when i just set the hour and date just do 5 manually wind and put the watch in my arms and use the whole that the power reserve last only 12 or 13 hours how to procede with...
  6. Problems with H31 movement

    Hello fellow WUSers and Hammy owners, In May, after flipping a few watches, selling other stuff on eBay, and waiting for a sale, I was able to purchase what I would consider my grail watch; Hamilton Khaki Conservation Auto Chrono, H60416553. It's a beautiful watch and I felt really great about...
  7. Escapement noise and SB18 Beihai

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi guys, Having become a recent owner of the Beijing Beihai SB18, I've come to notice just how noisy the ticking is. Now i've had plenty of noisy tickers from vintage and modern Chinese and Swiss watches but this Beihai is the first to have me annoyed and wondering what the causes are for an...
  8. Am I being Paranoid about AR 500M Crown

    TAG Heuer
    I'm about to purchase my first "expensive" (I use quoted because what is expensive to me may not be expensive to you) watch. I currently have a Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m WAJ2150.BA0870 on lay a way at my local AD. Found if for a fantastic price since it's a discontinued model. I put a deposit...
  9. Tissot problems and issues

    Public Forum
    DO NOT buy a Tissot watch. The quality of their watches is sub-standard, with major failures occurring with in the first month. The repair service (the SWATCH group) and Tissot have a no-replacement policy, which effectively means that you are stuck with a flawed timepiece, which will always...
  10. Date change problem with my cv2014 calibre 16. Fix?

    TAG Heuer
    i have a model cv2014 calibre 16 7750 but when i pull out the crown to change the date the date will not roll over. Does anyone know why its doing this? it looks like it wants to roll over but it kind of clicks and rolls back to the original date. tnx!
  11. Mondaine Evo Big Date: Problems with Date Window?

    Affordable watches
    Hey guys, I'm thoroughly new to watches, in regards to knowing much about reliable and/or iconic brands. As such, I'm finding it fairly difficult to find out much about Mondaine's lines. I'll be getting a Mondaine for my birthday almost certainly and, upon trying a 35mm Evo, I found that it...
  12. Questions regarding the alarm function on Citizen Aqualand 20th. Anniversay Dive Watch

    Just received my new Citizen Dive Watch and have a few questions. I programmed the three available alarms on the watch and can barely hear them. They are all different chimes, but almost not audible. Is this normal for a Citizen watch? The manual states you can "Monitor" the alarm sounds...
  13. EM World Timer II Hour Hand Backing Problem

    Ball Forum
    Has anyone else had problems with their Ball hands backing coming off? I'm not entirely sure why it needs to be there, but I'm SURE it's not supposed to be like this. -Matt
  14. Is this normal?

    Hi all! I have been a lurker on this forum for sometime now. About a month ago, I pulled the trigger on an Oris Leonhard Euler Limited Edition! I love the design and shape of the watch. Just couple of problems though. Number one, when I wind the watch (clockwise), there is a continuous...
  15. New Watch? - please read.

    Hi all, I recently became quite unpopular on the Omega forum, after saying that the Rolexes are better than the Omegas! However, I did say on there that I am only justifying the price of the Rolex, in excess of the Omega. But, I am back to make amends, and to offer my apologies to anyone...