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  1. Rolex & Tudor
    Dated article from March 18th - But the question still remains...How this will affect inventory...and for how long?
  2. Seiko
    Hi, I just got this Tuna last week and was curious on how many were produced. My watch has a date of Feb 2016. Does Seiko publish production numbers for each model? Any info or insight would be wonderful. Thanks!
  3. Public Forum
    I've been using sites like watchtime for pricings and models/caliber info, but I can't find any site that displays the manufacture year. I wish I could get the catalog per year but that is too hard for me to find as well. What I want to know is the exact year when the watch model was first...
  4. Seiko
    Hi there! Could someone tell me that how many 6309s were produced in a month in 1978? I have one with the serial 801600. (SUWA dial, japan made, all original) So 1600 is the minimum amount, but what was the maximum? Thanks, CRX
  5. Casio G-Shock
    This model is some serious collectors item! Barely out for 2 months and stopped production. Reminds me of the model GWF-1000G-1JR, also barely 2 months and stopped production. Now we'll see how long the new GWF-1000RD-4JF production will last...
  6. Russian watches
    Interesting video of how Vostok Komandirskie are produced: P.S. If somebody already published this video, please moderators unpublish my message...
1-6 of 6 Results