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  1. Why Rolex and Patek Philippe are halting watch production in Switzerland during the coronavirus outbreak

    Rolex & Tudor
    Dated article from March 18th - But the question still remains...How this will affect inventory...and for how long?
  2. Does anyone know how many of these are produced each year?

    Hi, I just got this Tuna last week and was curious on how many were produced. My watch has a date of Feb 2016. Does Seiko publish production numbers for each model? Any info or insight would be wonderful. Thanks!
  3. Is there a database for the watch production year?

    Public Forum
    I've been using sites like watchtime for pricings and models/caliber info, but I can't find any site that displays the manufacture year. I wish I could get the catalog per year but that is too hard for me to find as well. What I want to know is the exact year when the watch model was first...
  4. 6309-7040 - production volume / month

    Hi there! Could someone tell me that how many 6309s were produced in a month in 1978? I have one with the serial 801600. (SUWA dial, japan made, all original) So 1600 is the minimum amount, but what was the maximum? Thanks, CRX
  5. So, the GF-8250-9JF came out not too long ago and Casio stopped production on it already?!

    Casio G-Shock
    This model is some serious collectors item! Barely out for 2 months and stopped production. Reminds me of the model GWF-1000G-1JR, also barely 2 months and stopped production. Now we'll see how long the new GWF-1000RD-4JF production will last...
  6. How "Komandirskie" are produced.

    Russian watches
    Interesting video of how Vostok Komandirskie are produced: P.S. If somebody already published this video, please moderators unpublish my message...