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    Hi Guys, I got this from another forum member about 12 weeks back. But I have only worn it for about a week or two around the office. I just did not bond with it so off to a new home. Its like new to my eyes (easily TZ >95% condition), with no discernable marks other than a microscopic rub on...
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    [WTS] Casio Pro-Trek PRG600Y [+]Info - Catch and release as this was part of another 4 watch lot. I bought the whole lot for the watch I wanted and selling the rest. [+]Condition - Used. [+]Description - Since this watch is a JDM model this watch will come with the Warranty Card, Manual...
  3. Reviews
    Hi g-shockers, Today I purpose you a review about a nice toolwatch special for outdoor activities: Casio Pro Trek PRW-2500 ! It's not a G-Shock but it's a very interesting watch
  4. Quantième (FR)
    Salut les compatriotes, Aujourd'hui je vous propose la revue d'une montre outil parfaite pour vos aventures outdoor, il s'agit de la Casio Pro Trek PRW-2500 !
  5. Reviews
    Hi shockers, Today it's shinny and it's the great day to show you my Casio Pro Trek PRW-2000 This toolwatch is amazing with its triple sensors for only 11 mm thickness :)
  6. Quantième (FR)
    Salut les compatriotes, Aujourd'hui il fait beau, il fait chaud alors c'est le moment parfait pour sortir ma Casio Pro Trek PRW-2000 véritable toolwatch avec triple capteurs pour seulement 11 mm d'épaisseur :) Lien vers la vidéo:
  7. Digital & ABC watches
    Well hello there, so I got a PRT-B50 but the problem seems to also appear (for some people) with the GG-B100. It also did for the Youtuber WatchGeek. Its a nice watch but i wont get the GG-B100 additionally i guess as its still not the perfect ABC watch (too app-dependend). But its pretty close...
  8. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Casio Protrek PRW-70Y-1JF - Brand New in Box $500 or best offer USD shipped anywhere in the USA International friendly DM me for offers Same functions as a G-Shock Gulfmaster! Fishing time, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, moon/tide phase, digital compass WITH HORIZONTAL CORRECTION which...
  9. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Just picked up a PRT-41 and have gotten the early Casio Pathfinder and Protrek bug. Looking in particular for a PRT-1400 but open to others. If you have one (in pretty good working and cosmetic condition) and that needs a new owners, let me know. Worst I can say is no thanks!
  10. Casio G-Shock
    Hey folks! I recently purchased the PRW-50YT-1JF this past weekend and I'm very impressed! I figured I'd share some pictures and info for those interested in this model. First off, I'm not familiar with the watch world so bear with my newbie questions and comments. I currently own an Apple Watch...
  11. Casio G-Shock
    Hi there, I recently replaced the CTL1616 battery in my Protrek 510T. My gut feeling is that I might have gotten a fake since the battery it came with was not the rechargeable battery. However, I've replaced it and managed to have the digital display working after doing the AC+Battery. Now...
  12. Casio G-Shock
    Hi, Can someone please explain what the letters and numbers marked on the pic are used for? Thanks
  13. WTT - Trade Corner
  14. Reviews
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a PRW - 7000X i have come to tell my personal experience after a week of usage. Postives The colors: the black and gold is simply gourgeous, my wife told me is the prettiest watch She has seen (of all the watches i showed her). The size: its a big watch, but...
  15. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I made an impulse purchase, time to balance the budget. No trades please. Casio ProTrek PRW-3100G-3 (Olive NATO kit) - $150(watch plus extra strap) Worn now and then, used not abused. No scratches or damage. Everything works as it should. Super rare, I see one on eBay international for like...
  16. Digital & ABC watches
    Hi fellow Casio ABC owners, I have always wanted to own a Casio ABC watch since i like outdoors but they are always too big for my taste. I recently found a youtube video that showed the Casio PRW 3000 watch and how he talked about liking it for it size since it was the smallest ABC watch that...
  17. Casio G-Shock
    The best way and easiest way to calibrate the barometer on your watch is to make sure that the altimeter has the correct elevation entered into it. The reason...if the altimeter has the incorrect elevation entered into it it will give you inconsistent barometric readings everytime all the time.
  18. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling my used Casio Protrek PRW-7000 bought from Japan in June of 2017 from Yodobashi Camera in Yokohama, Japan. Includes everything you see in the picture including the Yodobashi shopping bag. LOL. There are some minor scratches on the rubber from the daily wear. There are 2 very small nicks...
  19. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS PRW-3500Y-1 with free Di-Modell Tornado Strap Watch head in good condition (everything works as it should). The original strap is now shown but is still around, and shows normal wear. No box or papers. Price is set for $120 USD via PayPal, including worldwide shipping with tracking. No...
1-20 of 172 Results