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  1. Public Forum
    I got interested in two Rados, and was surprised to not find a Rado forum. Back in the day my dad owned a Rado and even then they were known for doing advanced ceramic work. When I get interested in a brand I start looking at the full experience including both ADs and service centers to make...
  2. Public Forum
    Hi all, hope you are well. I have been on the hunt for somewhat of a "unicorn" bracelet (even a leather strap at this point) for a while now. I'm searching for something that will fit a vintage Wittnauer that my grandfather gifted to me recently (no it wasn't in a draw😂). The only problem is...
  3. Public Forum
    Hello, just curious if anyone has any experience with borealis watches. I'm currently looking at a few of their models but I'm not too sure about. It seems like some of their offerings would be good value for money but I would love to hear from anyone in the community. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  4. Public Forum
    I'm currently on the search for a new watch around 500$. I'm considering a few styles, but the top contenders are another dive watch ( I currently have an orient Kamasu which I love!) or a flieger. I have large wrists ( over 8 inches) and generally prefer to buy on a bracelet. I also try to...
  5. Public Forum
    What do you feel comfortable spending on grey market for a watch? Personally, I feel hesitant using sites like chrono24 or jomashop when it goes over $1000. What is your typical price range on sites like this, and at what point do you consider AD?
  6. Public Forum
    Stepping outside the Affordables forum (and the potential for echo-chamber effect), what sub $1000 (USD) available new watches get talked about in the Public Forum, with high regard? I don't mean as a cheap beater for mowing the lawn and going for a jog, but as collection worthy timepieces in...
  7. TAG Heuer
    1. Am looking at a TAG Heuer ladies watch -27mm, 300 meters, 35 diamonds in bezel, 10 diamonds on mother of pearl face...the numbers I have found on it are as follows: WAf 1416 and LU9832. I know this is an older watch but can anyone identify when it was produced and if it is authentic TAG...
  8. Affordable watches
    HII, I'm currently looking at some android hydraumatic watches on amazon, I love how they look buttt my problem is the wrist band is a BANGLE, unfortunately my wrist size is 6, nd I like my watches fit on me, but since it is a BANGLE I'm not sure if it would have a tight fit or a loose fit. If...
  9. Public Forum
    im new to watchuseek, and i was wondering on the collection that i have i know i dont have the greates warches but if you can tell me if i have okay watches, and if you can throw some tips on watch to collect or look for. ive seen this on ebay, and i was like wow its a nice watch but i have no...
  10. Public Forum
    Hey folks, Iam hopng someone can give me a little info. about a pocket watch I have. Its an Alsta Incabloc, Paul Peugeot, 17 jewels, Pocket watch and the exterior is an engraving of an elk or moose hunter and his two dogs.:thanks
1-10 of 10 Results