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  1. Omega
    Can someone inform me the thickness of PO Quantum of Solace Limited Edition and non LE (Big Size)? Is that true, that the non LE (big size) is a bit thicker than the PO Quantum of Solace Limited Edition? Picture's comparison would be appreciate.
  2. Omega
    I asked my wife to check two Omegas in a watchwinder at home . . . being as I'm about 7,000 miles away right now! The Seamaster 007 LE was doing just fine. The Quantum of Solace Planet Ocean had stopped! She's taking it to the Omega service center as I type this! We will hopefully get to the...
  3. Omega
    I've been away from home for over three months, and will be returning soon . . . I just asked my wife to peek inside the watchwinder and tell me what time the "Quantum of Solace" Planet Ocean was showing. She said it was 8:40 a.m. this Sunday morning in Canada. I was looking at my...
1-3 of 4 Results