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  1. Poll: Do you prefer Quartz or Mechanical/Automatic watches (and why)?

    Public Forum
    I know this topic has been beaten to a pulp on various occasions, but I don't think I've seen a POLL on it, and I'm genuinely curious if the consensus on "Automatic superiority" is really as high as it appears at first glance. Now, I'm not ashamed to admit it - I PREFER QUARTZ! There, I said...
  2. Sold: Sinn UX GSG 9 on Rubber June 2020

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    Sold: Sinn UX GSG 9 on Rubber June 2020 Sold * Asking $1675 net includes CONUS (only) shipping. Please add 3% if paying PP G&S. * Sold Catch and release. Just not bonding with it. LNIB, couldn't find a mark on it with the exception of the usual bracelet marks. Buckle does have a few light...
  3. WTB: Grand Seiko 9587-8000 [SBGS003/95GS]

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hey WUS! Hope you are all doing well. Looking for a good example of a 95GS Quartz to wear over the summer. Feel free to send through a message if you are interested in selling! Thanks :)
  4. Buying My First Orient - Orient Analogue Quartz FUY03005A0

    Public Forum
    So after lots of reading on this forum I have decided to take the leap and buy an Orient - found this on the river at a really good price Orient Analogue Quartz FUY03005A0: Watches What do you think ? Regards J
  5. SBGV225 vs. SBGP013 - What are the differences?

    Grand Seiko
    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a sleek GS Quartz watch and found these two models, the SBGV225 and the SBGP013. I'm struggling to find out, what really the differences between those two models are. Can someone educate me on the differences of these models? Thank you! :)
  6. Help identifying marker on movement

    Hi - Curious as to what the large "1" means above "NO JEWELS". I'm trying to replace a movement, and my current one says "4". Thanks!
  7. 1977 Chronosport Quartz 20 ATM watch

    Dive watches
    I bought a Chronosport Quartz 20 ATM watch way back when I was a senior in High School. I bought it in late 1977. I have had it ever since. It still runs and keeps good time but could probably use a good cleaning. I have done a fair bit of looking but can't find anything like it on the...
  8. JDRT watches

    Public Forum
    Hi, has anyone heard of JDRT watches? So far I've only seen one review from and would like to see the opinion on it on the forum. They are an Australian company that hand assemble and sell Japanese Miyota/Citizen Quartz GM10 movement quartz watches with nice designs and...
  9. My first Tissot (it's just a quartz)

    Finally I got my Tissot quartz. I ordered on the early July and today I got my watch. It's been a long time to Jomashop ship to Vietnam. I love this watch. Hope it will be durable and accurate.
  10. 6 O' Clock Crown

    Our design has a "vertical" face, taller than wide. "Portrait" mode? ))) We are looking for a quality quartz movement, 3-hand, with its stem at the 6:00 position. So far, we see only the Miyota 5Y30 - 5.5 x 6.75' ' '. Can any of the seasoned folks here suggest another option? Regards, Jay
  11. S

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  12. MyEdifice


    Gift from wife
  13. Grand Seiko Refurbishing

    Grand Seiko
    So I thought I was going to buy a Breitling Colt, but after a visit to my Breitling AD who is also a Grand Seiko AD, I decided to go with an SBGN003 instead (after I sell my current watch). Unlike with Breitling, both my head and my heart agree on the GS. Except for one point... I'm wondering...
  14. Does a watch like this exist?

    Affordable watches
    I am curious about the existence of a watch with the following traits: Quartz/mecaquartz movement with sweeping seconds hand. Like Bulova UHF, Seiko/Hattori VK, etc. Solar powered or kinetic powered. Dress watch style. 5 bar or more WR. Case made of stainless steel or titanium. Sapphire...
  15. Charmex Swiss Military Quartz Watch-Rattling on the inside

    Public Forum
    Hello, everyone I'm new to the forums and to watch collecting overall, and I was wondering if I could get some insight on an issue with a brand new Charmex Swiss Military Watch I purchased from Jomashop. The watch arrived today in good condition and in its proper wrappings etc. However, upon...
  16. Tag Heuer 980.613B

    Dive watches
    Just got this bad boy. Thoughts? I've been told it could be worth over 600$, and I literally declined an offer for 500$ on Ebay (screw them fees). Still unsure if I should keep it.
  17. Timex Chronograph 100M Quartz

    Timex Chronograph 100M Quartz

    It's a old Timex quartz chronograph powered by Miyota OS60 but it's valuable for me because it's my first watch over 100$ that I got as a graduation gift to myself. It still run great and still nice cosmetically with some normal wear. The bracelet is original and I have the original box and papers.
  18. Vintage 80s quartz Credor - movement identification

    Hello, everyone! So I recently came into possession of this handsome vintage quartz Credor with an integrated bracelet. The caseback says its name is 2620-0020. Sadly, the movement might have drawn its last breadth a long time ago. Even with a new battery, it refuses to push these...
  19. WTB- Bathys Benthic Ti black dial or Quartz 100 Fathoms

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    ​Missing both of mine so trying to restart the collection. Thank you.
  20. FS: Scurfa M.S.17 Limited Edition 83/100 Diver on Bracelet

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    Picked this up earlier this year from the bay. Minor scratches on case sides, under lugs and on clasp. I immediately put it on rubber so the bracelet is in very good condition and comes with all spare links (sized very small at the moment). Honestly very impressed (after hearing lots of forum...