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  1. SOLD: Vostok Amphibia Special Edition Radio Room -- Scuba Dude caseback, upgraded bracelet

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    SOLD — thanks again Fred! VOSTOK AMPHIBIA SPECIAL EDITION 420750 RADIO ROOM Okay, this is my second to last Vostok, and it lost the coin flip. It's a special edition from a couple of years ago, but works great and looks almost new. The original bezel was a bit scratched and scuffed, so I...
  2. FS Vostok Radio Room

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    For your consideration is my 1990 CCCP Vostok Albatross Radio Room The watch comes with box and papers, as well as, 2 brand new unworn Russian leather(?) straps and 1 unworn Russian bracelet. This watch is is sold in working order as a vintage time piece that may require servicing. Has not...
  3. question about Vostok Amphibian 110651

    Russian watches
    Hallo, I'd like to buya Vostok Amphibian 110651 (with the "Radio Room" dial), but there's something I can't grasp just by looking at pictures on the internet: in the bezel of a beige-metallic color, or just plain chrome as the bezel? Different pictures show a very different image of it, dunno...
  4. FS - Vostok-Europe Radio Room exclusive Détente Watch Group Collection

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    If you love lume, you'll love this watch, nearly full Super-Luminova lumeb-). This is among the first version of the exclusive Radio Room watch from Détente and Vostok-Europe. This model is also part of the Signature Cyrillic Collection currently exclusive to the Détente Watch Group in North...
  5. Vostok Amphibian "RADIO ROOM" (Case type: 110)

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  6. WTS: Vostok Kronometrofilia Ltd Edition

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    Letting go my Vostok Kronometrofilia Ltd Edition for USD 100, inclusive of paypal and shipping fees. Kronometrofilia is a group of Indonesian WIS. I'm the first owner and mine is numbered XX/100. The watch is based on radio-room clock. The only minor about this watch is the glass has been...
  7. FS: Vostok Radio Room Amphibia - WUS Ltd. Edition

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    Sadly this must go to raise cash. This was a special group buy on WUS and is a Limited Edition. The Amphibia is a 200m WR automatic diver, 40mm w. 18 inch lugs. This is the NO Date version and is numbered. It is also inscribed in cyrillic with my username. These are no longer for sale by...