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  1. Raketa perpetual calendar date ranges?

    Russian watches
    OK, in an effort to answer my own question from WRUW... The Raketa "perpetual calendar" watch comes with a year wheel, turned with the 4 o'clock crown, that covers a 21-year span. I have a USSR-marked example, probably from the 1980s, that has a 1980-2000 wheel. One sees lots of these...
  2. Please identify this unique Raketa

    Russian watches
    Thanks for reading! I purchased this Raketa on eBay on a whim, looked gorgeous to me. I have yet to receive it in the mail, but in the meanwhile, I was hoping that someone here might be able to identify it. Has anyone come across this one before?
  3. Raketa Big Zero - authentic or franken? Etsy listing

    Russian watches
    Hi I saw this Raketa Big Zero watch on Etsy website, and was wondering if this was authentic or a franken...
  4. Raketa Amphibia 0257 Limited Edition Review

    Russian watches
    When I first put on the 2019 manufacture Raketa Amphibian I had a weird sensation of deja vu. Had I done this before? It wasn’t until two weeks later that I would realize the clever ways Raketa has kept their language both consistent and modern in aesthetic and industrial design. My brother had...
  5. Raketa Polar Re-Issue

    Russian watches
    Greetings Comrades, As I teased in my article this summer, the Raketa Polar has been re-issued with a new production run of the venerable 2623 24-hour movement. This will be the first time Raketa has re-issued a classic watch on their modern production facility in St. Petersburg, Russian...
  6. FS: Raketa Perestroyka Glasnost U.S.S.R. watch - $130

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is a Raketa manual wind 16 jewel watch made in the Soviet Union in the 1980s to commemorate the Perestroyka movement, when the Soviet government liberalized economic policy and increased transparency to improve it's economics. It was manufactured at the Petrodvorets Watch Factory in Saint...
  7. Decipher the Code: Raketa "Russian Code"

    News from the Watch Industry
    Founded in 1791 in Saint Petersburg, Russia by a decree of the Emperor Peter the Great, the Raketa Watch Factory is one of the few factories in the world to produce its mechanisms entirely by itself, from start to finish. Now Raketa introduces a new watch called "Russian Code". Made in...
  8. My Six Russian Beauties

    Image Gallery
    Poljot Okeah 3133 Re-Issue I broke my own rule and paid full retail for this, and was nervous because I didn't know if I should go vintage or re-issue, but now that it's here I couldn't be happier. The edges are so sharp they cut the air, and the blue on the center stripe is the most beautiful...
  9. WTB Raketa "СЗРП" (SZRP) 24hours

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone, I'm seeking this 1990's russian wristwatch Raketa "СЗРП" (SZRP) 24 hours Here a picture of someone's collection (just to show you the model) Best Lorenzo
  10. WTB Seagull 1963 Sapphire and/or Raketa 24hr watches

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello, looking to expand my small collection by looking for a few different pieces: -Seagull 1963 Sapphire 38mm -interested in any/all Raketa 24hr watches (show me what you have) Located in USA and willing to discuss, show me what you got!
  11. Three Russian Affordables

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Clearing out the watch box and have some affordable Russians for sale. Prices include CONUS shipping and Paypal fees. #1 is a Slava with a cool blue dial. Handwound. Russia-era. $25 #2 is a Raketa Red 12. Handwound. Russia-era. $50 #3 is a Raketa calendar. Handwound. This one is a little...
  12. What cities are on your world timer? Most unusual cities?

    Public Forum
    Given that most world timers feature 24 cities representing the 24 primary time zones of the globe, there are numerous options for representing a given time zone. Country of origin/market country and era of manufacture certainly factor into the choices for representative cities. What cities...
  13. Raketa 2623 movement removal

    Russian watches
    Hi All, Got a new addition to the family for Christmas - a Raketa 4676374 24 hour watch. I love it, but after a couple of days of wearing, a hair popped up in the dial! I'm pretty hairy so my guess is one found its way through the bezel gap and detached... I've tried to remove the movement to...
  14. Raketa 'Cities' World Time

    Russian watches
    New to me but clearly well worn Soviet-era Raketa 'cities' world time. I love the patina, and the tired old folded-link bracelet. Thing has got character. Cities listed on the bezel: Рейкьявик/Rejkjavik, Iceland Дакар/Dakar, Senegal Лондон/London, UK Женева/Geneva, Switzerland Москва/Moscow...
  15. Tag Heuer Formula One for Sicura/Russian Watches

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Hi, I'm new to forums and not entirely sure how this works. Looking to trade a Tag Heuer Formula One Midsize (1987 range in mint condition)- for a Sicura or Russian Watches, ie Raketa. Currently the Tag fits a small wrist, but has the spare links to be able to fit an 8 inch wrist.

    eBay Auctions
    USSR RAKETA ZERO BLACK guarantee MECHANICAL 2609.HA SOVIET You look all watch of sold by me link
  17. Two 'Bargain' Arrivals

    Russian watches
    Two arrivals from the bay in the last couple of weeks. First Soviet acquisitions with Latin dials. Both gold plated. £28.50 in total, delivered.
  18. USSR RAKETA Compass Rose of Wind guarantee MECHANICAL USS...

    eBay Auctions
    USSR RAKETA Compass Rose of Wind guarantee MECHANICAL You look all watch of sold by me link
  19. NOS Raketa Watches (or any other type for that matter)

    Russian watches
    I had a look through the search function, but never really found a satisfactory answer in any of the other posts. What are the odds of finding a NOS Raketa, or NOS anything, on ebay or other places nowadays? The fall of the USSR is coming up on 30 years ago in a few years now, and I'd imagine...
  20. MEGA LOT 152 pieces USSR / SOVIET WATCHES starting price of less than $ 1.

    eBay Auctions
    Ladies and gentlemen. I will not hide, this is my auction. Auction without reserve. sovietwatch2014 262862484093 I understand that the average buyer not buys the item, for this perhaps someone wants to buy together. By agreement, after the auction, may, full...