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  1. Breitling
    Cleaning out the attic and found this up there. Definitely been worn and used, searching online and can't find the model using the number on the back. Anyone know how I can tell if its genuine?
  2. Rolex & Tudor
    Hi there, after spending months reading and researching, I have an opportunity now to acquire this vintage piece. However, I am not very familiar with this model so I am posting it here to see if any expert can give me some pointers. First off, it is from a watchmaker (from one of his...
  3. Omega
    Hey all! I'm pretty new to this forum and I've always wanted to own an Omega. For a few months now I've been browsing eBay and doing bits of research and while I've found many different Omega timepieces that I really liked (Seamaster, de Ville) I finally found one on ebay (a de Ville) from a...
  4. Rolex & Tudor
    Hi All, Im a Rolex newbie from the Omega forums. Would spot straight off if this was an Omega but wouldn't know where to start being a Rolex. Seller is pretty reputable on a local auction sit ending for a steal but what do you think of this Rolex (real or fake): Ending soon. Seller says...
  5. Omega Fake Busters
    Hi All, I'm brand new to the forum, to Omega, and to purchasing watches on eBay, so this question is a newbie trifecta. I appreciate your help and your keen eyes on this one. I *just* purchased my first Seamaster--a vintage model from 1959--and although I think it's quite beautiful, I have no...
  6. TAG Heuer
    Hi, just found and joined this forum. I'm still flopping around trying to familiarize myself with it, and the only way I could find to include a photo with my post is to upload it to a public album, which I just did. I came across the watch in the photo for sale, "used one year," for $550...
1-6 of 6 Results