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  1. Affordable watches
    Im searching for some Golden watches with metal bracelet, Recomendations até welcome
  2. Public Forum
    I spent some time to find the greatest value traveler GMT watch (for me). My personal criteria were as follows: Certified Chronometer is preferred, required is a mechanical movement with a jumping local hour hand (traveler/"true" GMT) instead of quick set date and isolated gmt hand (office)...
  3. Affordable watches
    I recently got a a Vostok 110649, and I hated the original bracket. Bad fit, pulled a bunch of hairs, and it made the watch look over strapped. I have it on a black/dark grey leather strap that I had lying around, but I'm not sold on it. Looking for some recommendations. There dial is almost a...
  4. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    I sold a Seiko brightz to wolke (Germany) , and everything ran smooth and fast (foreign shipping). He definitely is a serious buyer, he knows exactly what he wants . Fast Payment, nice talk. Hope to deal with again !
  5. Public Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm back to ask for your help. My wife has decided (much to my watch-hound happiness) that she needs and wants a daily-wear analog wristwatch. She's never worn one consistently before, and has never owned a quality timepiece (there have been a few $20-$30 USD fashion watches that...
  6. Public Forum
    Can you recommend me a watch in 400-600 € (or $) range? Hi all! New here, and seeking the wisdom of all of you watch gurus, I'm looking for a new watch in 400-600 € range, same sum in $, as if the watch is shipped to Europe, the sum gets pretty much the same in euro amount when VAT, customs...
  7. Omega
    Hey guys, I wanna buy an Omega and think between Seamaster and Speedmaster. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!
  8. Public Forum
    Hi Guys, My beautiful fiancee surprised me with an IOU today for fathers day which entitles me to a watch of my choice up to about $300. As some will already know I am into military, diver or tool watches. Not into anything that can't take a beating. I just got an SKX173 which I love and I have...
  9. Omega
    I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions for my gift problem: My husband is NOT a watch collector. He is a contractor who wears a beat-up, scratched watch everyday. I don't know what kind but it has a black face, big numbers, and a dial. I am sick of looking at it but all he wants to do...
  10. Public Forum
    Folks, Given the vast amount of knowledge here, has anyone consolidated a buying guide? I'm imagining something like a grid that breaks down different styles by price points. Maybe recommending particular models or maybe specific brands where it makes sense. For example, something that says...
  11. Public Forum
    I'm looking for a new dress watch. I have an Omega Seamaster I love for general use, but I'd like to get something a little bit classier for the office for a birthday gift. I like circular white faces with a leather / croc strap. I'm open to both silver and rose gold cases. I love the...
  12. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    safetypro79 is great to deal with. The communication was outstanding and he shipped the watch (Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red) overnight and gave me a call right after shipping. The watch arrived well packaged and in mint condition - exactly as described. I highly recommend John and would gladly...
  13. Public Forum
    I met a real gentleman last night and sold him my Orient CEZA. The deal was smooth and another watch nut is safely amongst us. All may deal with prodigalOne in complete confidence. Thanks Anton!
  14. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Bought a Seiko SLT009 from Patrick. Excellent communication; paid on Friday and the watch arrived on Monday, coast to coast. Awesome.
1-14 of 14 Results