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    Hello everyone! Seeing as how my last post had so much activity, I was hoping we can have another! I have been wracking my brain trying to think of what to add as the third piece of my collection. I am obviously minimalistic, having only two watches right now, but would like a third more "GADA"...
  2. Public Forum
    I'm recently smitten by the Seiko Presage 'Castle in the Sky'. Its colors and lettering evoke a pleasant vintage/fantasy aesthetic that I would like to see more of. What watches have a similar aesthetic?
  3. Public Forum
    Hello, I know i have a very modest collection compared to a lot of you guys but I am starting to expand my collection and got rid of a couple fashion watches (I got these when I was a student). I am looking to get two watches in the future: A nice dress watch and a nice sporty blue watch...
  4. Grand Seiko
    Hi everyone! I'm looking to purchase a Grand Seiko in the near future and have been struggling to make a choice based on my preferences. I'm mostly looking for one with Zaratsu polishing on the bracelet and case, an interesting dial, and preferably a Spring Drive movement (also open to Hi-Beat...
  5. Affordable watches
    I haven't made a significant watch purchase in a while and I'm starting to get interested again. I've been thinking I'd like my next purchase to be a step up from what I currently have (see below). I like textured dials and I like blue. My ideal size is 36mm - 38mm but I'm willing to go up to...
  6. Public Forum
    Hello! I have been into watches for a couple of years now and have definitely learned a lot. As of now I own three watches, all of different tastes. Seiko SNK803 Seiko SKX Pepsi Citizen eco-drive WR100 I am ready to step up my game and am looking to purchase a nice watch for myself as a...
  7. Reviews
    Just bought a panarai from Chris. Extremely easy guy to work with. My watch was in great condition and I plan on doing more business with him in the future.
  8. Seiko
    Hi, can anyone recommend a bracelet for seiko sportura ssf007 gps solar watch? The movement number is 8x22. The original seems to be over $200. I need a seiko bracelet that would fit this watch at a reasonable price. It is 22mm lug. Any suggestion is appreciated. thanks
  9. Public Forum
    Hi everyone I hope some of you can help me with my doubts. I want to make a birthday gift to my husband, he's becoming a watch enthusiast (but still without a watch). He has small wrist, so I am looking a 38.5 mm or 35 mm. My budget can go until $ 2000. After two days of deep searching in...
  10. Public Forum
    Hey guys, Im currently looking for watches with specific color combo: Light blue/sky blue numbers + any light color dial. Hands can be any color as long as it matches well with numbers and dial. I came across 2 watches during my search which are: Farer Pendine and Nomos Club Neomatik I'm...
  11. Affordable watches
    Uncertain if this fits here but giving it a shot, I have a diver watch 42mm diameter, 15mm thickness, 50 mm L2L, and 22mm lug, and looking for a high quality semi thick full grain brown leather strap (normal or with clasp). Wanted to know if anyone knows of good companies (preferably in the US)...
  12. Seiko
    Hi everyone! First time watch buyer here! Currently a student and am looking to purchase a seiko diver to last me the next few years. I have narrowed it down to the SKX007/9 vs SKX0013 vs Mini Turtle PADI. I have a 6inch wrist and am wondering what one would be the best for me? Would love to...
  13. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    |>|>|> WYBaugh Seller: WYBaugh Transaction date: 25.09.2018 Item: H2O ORCA • very nice communication via e-mail • detailed description of item • item was as described & in excellent condition • very fast & smooth transaction • further deals absolutely welcome Thank you very, very much Bill...
  14. Public Forum
    Hey all. Selling off some watches and saving up for my next purchase. I'm thinking of basically starting from zero--except plan to keep my bambino and vintage bucherer. If you guys had about $2K (+/- $200?) what one watch would you get? Try and price around used market--so I can get a little...
  15. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    I just bought a watch from netwatch, and I recommend him highly. The transaction couldn't have been any smoother. He went out of his way to answer questions and even sent me a photo when I asked about lume. Also, he's a good communicator and a quick shipper. I hope to buy from him again sometime.
  16. Public Forum
    Because I'm coming to realize that my wear-most-days watch has to have a bracelet. Though straps are fine for brief outings and evening wear.
  17. Seiko
    I am about to purchase a Citizen NH8350 as pictured. It comes with a bracelet but I want to purchase a leather strap. I'm thinking a brown one would go nicely. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what you think would look good? Thanks
  18. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Had a flawless selling experience. Great communication and an expedite transaction. Highly recommend.|>
  19. Public Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm back to ask for your help. My wife has decided (much to my watch-hound happiness) that she needs and wants a daily-wear analog wristwatch. She's never worn one consistently before, and has never owned a quality timepiece (there have been a few $20-$30 USD fashion watches that...
1-19 of 63 Results