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replacement bezels

  1. Seiko SBBN007 Tuna replacement parts

    Hi... I've been looking for a page that would help me figure out what Seiko watch models have interchangeable parts with others. I've had a SBBN007 Tuna for quite some time and have marked it up pretty badly... I a sapphire on CrystalTimes. I would also like to find a black PVD/DLC shroud but...
  2. Looking for a Heuer 844/3 replacement bezel

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here, so maybe it's bit rude to start asking for help ;-) Since the last two weeks i'm searching for a replacement of the bezel for my Heuer 844/3. To this day without any luck. Maybe this forum can help me with my search or (preferable) one of the members has a bezel for...
  3. Tag WN1112 Bezel replacement

    TAG Heuer
    Hi guys, I have managed to damage the bezel part of my watch and can not get it to go back on and wonder if anyone knows where I can get a replacement part. I have tried but no luck. Actually it is not the whole bezel which is damaged, please see below pic, I don't know what it...
  4. SKX031 scratched/cracked bezel?

    I bought an SKX031 a while ago and after starting to wear it I noticed that's a scratch or a crack or something in the bezel (you can see it in the picture below at around 11 o'clock). I've found a bunch of threads with people sourcing replacement bezel inserts with pips and things, but I...
  5. Looking for replacement bezel for GW-6900...

    Casio G-Shock
    Hello - I'm looking for a replacement bezel for my gw-6900, color is black. Any ideas? I looked at casio sales and service with no luck - I put in an email request to their customer service just to be sure. Nothing shows up on the bay for me either... TIA - Adam
  6. Possible to replace PO 42mm Bezel on SMP 2254.50?

    I'm relatively new to the forum and wanted to get your thoughts on this issue. I recently tried on a PO 42mm with Black Bezel and thought that the watch weighed too much and the case thickness was excessive, but otherwise found the PO to be the perfect diver's watch with great styling...
  7. Replacement bezels-5600c&e, 6900 not black!

    Casio G-Shock
    I have spent too many hours searching(and failing)-time to ask for help!! I have some basic 5600c,5600e and 6900's that need a face lift. Can any one help me find a site, a source for new bezels that are colored- like red, green,yellow,blue,grey, white, anything but black ? Black I can find...