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  1. Seiko SBBN007 Tuna replacement parts

    Hi... I've been looking for a page that would help me figure out what Seiko watch models have interchangeable parts with others. I've had a SBBN007 Tuna for quite some time and have marked it up pretty badly... I a sapphire on CrystalTimes. I would also like to find a black PVD/DLC shroud but...
  2. HELP! Original Orient Blue Ray Issue

    Affordable watches
    My original orient blue ray fell off my kick drum, and when it landed, the date window frame popped off. I took it to a jeweler who glue it back on... BACKWARDS. Now, I cannot read the full date and time correctly, and I can see the gap between two wheels. I asked him to fix it and he said its...
  3. How do you order replacement bezels/bands/casebacks from Casio?

    Casio G-Shock
    I used to be an avid collector of G-Shocks, but a few months ago, I sold most of what I owned, and now only own a handful (all of which I wear on rotation). Though I do try to be careful with my watches, some of them are pretty beat down right now. Specifically, I have a DW6901 that has severe...
  4. Can you replace a metal case back with a glass display back?

    Hi, I've been unsuccessfully searching on Google looking for info on replacing the metal case backs of mechanical watches with glass display backs so that you can see the mechanism, purely for aesthetic reasons. I haven't been able to find anything on it, probably my poor researching skills...
  5. Seiko 6530A Movement replacement

    Hi all, My father recently took his Seiko watch that my mother gave to him 25 years ago to the jewellers to have the battery replaced and found out that the movement had broken. I decided to take up the challenge of replacing the movement and almost immediately ran into the problem of finding...
  6. The use of plastic 3D printers in the watch world?

    Public Forum
    The 3d printer has already been a topic here on WUS in several threads. Some of them hypothetical and some even producing parts, such as metal bezels for g-shocks and watch cases. However, I was thinking of the possibilities in the watch world with 3D printers with plastic only abilities...
  7. Parts for Casio EDIFICE Watchband?

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hi, all. I'm new on the forums, here, and I didn't see any other areas that seemed specific to this line of discussion, so I'm posting my question here. If the thread needs to be moved, I apologize in advance. I recently purchased a Casio EDIFICE EQW-A1200DB-1A and I absolutely love it. I...
  8. NEED HELP finding replacement bezel (with proper measurements) TAG 1500 Pro 925.206G

    TAG Heuer
    Hey all, I just acquired my first TAG from Dad for my birthday. It's one of his old TAGs so there's some expected wear on it, most prominently on the bezel. It's a TAG 1500 Professional 925.206G. I know this is an older model so I could use some help on a few things: I don't know the...
  9. Orient Mako Spring Bar replacements

    I've actually combed through the forum's previous threads about this but no one really had an answer. I'm trying to replace my spring bars on my Orient Mako as they have been bent in half. I don't really want to get into the details, but I had a rather nasty fall. :-( Now I've tried to fit 1.8mm...
  10. Need parts for Seiko 5m42

    Hello all, I have a seiko 5m42-0a19 kinetic watch which I dearly love. One day at work I somehow twisted or bent the crown, which promptly snapped off. With the magic of the internet, I managed to figure out how to take the stem out of the works. Now I have a stem with some threads on the...
  11. Military X-Lander Black - Band / Keep Issue

    New member here. I have had my Suunto X-Lander Military All Black Watch for about a year. My all time favorite watch to date. But recently, the keep on the rubberized band split, and came off. I tried to superglue it back but that held for only a few days, given the stress it is subjected...
  12. need bezzle for vintage heuer 1000 dive watch (large size)

    i'm seeking a bezzle for vintage heuer 1000 dive watch (large size) - this is pre Tag Heuer. any thoughts or suggestions. i'm even open to using a bezzle that isn't the original but looks like it. this model is black and silver. i appreciate the help.