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  1. Tudor Bracelet Replacement Option

    Public Forum
    Hey guys. I was looking at picking up a Tudor Black Bay GMT. I wanted the steel bracelet, but I found a great deal on the Nato version of the watch. I was wondering how easy or costly it would be to get the steel bracelet by itself, especially since I couldn't find many options or answers...
  2. Replacement straps or band for a Philippe Starck PH1011

    Straps & Bracelets
    Recently I bought a Philippe Starck PH1011 via eBay and on receipt discovered that the straps where too short. I wish to source replacement straps for this watch. If anyone can, please direct me towards a website or vendor that can sell me replacement straps.
  3. Aevig Corvid watch battery replacement

    Public Forum
    Hi, I have two Aevig Corvid stealth black watches with dead batteries. One just came out of the box today (I was saving it for a special event for my son, he is off to Basic training next week and needed a watch). I have searched the web and cannot find any information on the replacement...
  4. DISMAY Watch Band Straps Official Thread

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hello Everyone, We became WUS sponsor as a DISMAY TRADING LLC and we would like to introduce you Dismay Watch Straps. Our straps fit for Tag Heuer, Seiko, Montblanc, Breitling, Citizen and any other brand with straight interface straps. We offer FREE Shipping & Return...
  5. SARB065 Replacement Casebace

    Does anyone know if there is a replacement caseback for the SARB065 that makes it thinner? Thanks, tropicalbob
  6. Looking for some advice about DW-5600s ish

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, I would love to purchase a DW-5600P-9, but can't find a new one anywhere. I have a have a DW-5600EG-9V and and browsing this forum found the tiktox website. They seem to have replacement straps available that I could use to "make" a watch similar to a P-9. I have emailed them some...
  7. Sourcing Rolex Dial by Serial Number

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi, I inherited a vintage Rolex DateJust 1601 a few years back. After a few years of wear, I decided to bring it in to Rolex to have it serviced. Unfortunately, after some back and forth, Rolex returned the watch as unable to service as the Dial is not the original (unfortunately unknown to...
  8. Replacement bracelet for Maen Hudson 38?

    Straps & Bracelets
    I'm looking for a replacement bracelet for my Maen Hudson 38 as I find the original bracelet a bit cheap and flimsy, as well as uncomfortable since its sharp edges and small pieces really end up pulling my arm hair. I'm a huge fan of the Seiko SARB (035) bracelets, but sadly I cannot buy and use...
  9. Bracelet for Hamilton Khaki King

    Straps & Bracelets
    Hey folks! As we all know, the bracelet that comes with the Khaki King is... Well, depressing. I've had better bracelets off of the sub $100 watches on Ali even. So I'm on the lookout for a new bracelet, but I'm at loss as to where to find it! I know I want a bracelet with end links that sits...
  10. PSA - Zodiac will replace bracelet links for free

    Public Forum
    I've always wanted a Zodiac Oceanaire and jumped on a used one recently. The bracelet was too small for me and the seller had no idea where the links were. I was planning on putting on a strap, but decided to look for some links online. I contacted Zodiac customer service and learned that they...
  11. Seiko 7002-700A with a bad weight?

    Hello all, First post here. I got a nice 7002-700a diver and I love it. That said it is not winding well. After opening the back I noted a lot of "wiggle" with the oscillating weight and when I unscrewed it, I noted scraping/scratches on the underside, indicating some rubbing on the...
  12. Replacement/spare bracelet for Bulova Moon Watch

    Accutron, Bulova, and Caravelle
    Hey folks, After much consideration (and much more drooling over photos and reviews over here), I've decided to shoot for a moon watch. Expecting to get it soon off Amazon, got a great deal for 307 GBP. Unfortunately, because I'm not always a patient dude when it comes to watches (that's...
  13. Crown replacement for P'6340 Porsche Design???

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Hello Everyone, Danny here. Anyone know where I can obtain an original crown replacement for Porsche Design P'6340 model? Mine fell out / broke off. Thanks in advance.
  14. Crown replacement for P'6340 Porsche Design???

    Hello Everyone, Danny here. Anyone know where I can obtain an original crown replacement for Porsche Design P'6340 model? Mine fell out / broke off. Thanks in advance.
  15. Crown replacement for P'6340 Porsche Design???

    Public Forum
    Hello Everyone, Danny here. Anyone know where I can obtain an original crown replacement for Porsche Design P'6340 model? Mine fell out / broke off. Thanks in advance.
  16. Need help with Rado battery replacement..think I broke the clip !

    I was trying to replace the battery on my wife's integral - it looks identical to picture attached (but it's not the same) When I opened it, I tried to push the battery up and the gold clip came flying off. I replaced the battery but the gold clip isn't in place, so the watch does not work. Do...
  17. Changing battery for CORE and VECTOR

    Ladies and Gents: In anticipation of reviving and selling off my Core and Vector, battery replacements are required. I've already bought a dielectric gel and 2032s, so my question now is: Is there a video and/or instruction that you recommend for this procedure? I was thinking along the lines...
  18. Obris Morgan Explorer clasp replacement - advice please

    Affordable watches
    I love my v1 Obris Morgan Explorer, and consider it the best bang-for-buck watch in my collection. Although almost every aspect of the watch is great for the price I, like many, immediately identified the clasp as the area of potential weakness. Unfortunately for me this has proved to be true...
  19. Where/How can I get this crystal replaced?

    The watch is an aramar arctic marine. It has a japanese miyota 9015 movement and a flat ar-coated sapphire crystal with a cyclops on it. I want to remove the cyclops but have heard stories of people cracking the crystal by using the lighter method. Also, I don't want to ruin the watertight seal...
  20. Core Red band replacement options

    Hey all, My Core Reds stock elastomer band has finally given way. I always found the quality not quite upto the mark. So I'm in the market looking for the best belt for the same. I don't mind trying a NATO or Hirsch straps. But the mounts make it difficult to try an after market one on it. What...