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    No watch to see here, real or not, just my random musings on the constant stream of posts with similar titles. It occurs to me that for someone who appreciates fine watchmaking, it should be fairly straightforward to spot counterfeits, unless they are of a very high quality (which isn't...
  2. Public Forum
    Hi Community, I finally saved enough money to pull the trigger on a hublot! Seller is a private seller from Chrono24 and comes with box, papers, and warranty. Our discussion has been positive but always better to be safe. Need this community's expert advice, to see if you guys spot anything...
  3. Hublot
    G'day watchuseek community, i finally decided to join the forum and ask for well trained and experienced eyes that may be able to help me solve my problem which i am carrying around way to long now. Guess i was just afraid of possibly beeing betrayed. I bought this watch from ebay around 4...
  4. Zenith
    Hi all, It's my first post here. I'm buying my first watch, I just won an Ebay auction for a used Zenith Elite (reference number: 01/02.1125.680). I would very much appreciate the feedback from more experienced watch enthusiast here if you see any sign of the watch being fake? My winning bid...
  5. Hamilton
    I Bought this new watch yesterday . I see a lot of new generation watches in youtube that it has 9 digits serial number. But my watch didn't have that. I afraid this is super fake , Should i contact to the shop to change new ones ?
  6. Affordable watches
    I am contemplating making my own HMT Sportstar replica as they are unobtainium. I have settled on a seamaster style case that requires a 28mm dial. What HMT 21j automatic would have a 28mm dial ?
  7. Bell & Ross
    So a couple weeks ago, I came across this on eBay - Bell & Ross BR01-94 Green Limited Edition 500 pcs | eBay. I informed eBay AND the seller. The seller is so apologetic. I simply asked, why is "Military" misspelled on the back of the watch?!? They pulled down the listing. Waited an extra week...
  8. Pens & Writing instruments
    Hi everyone. Mostly I delve into the watch side of the house. I have quite a few fountain pens, and just recently went to acquire an S.T. Dupont ballpoint pen for my wife. After checking online for assistance in determining if my S.T. Dupont pen is real, I couldn't come to any conclusions on my...
  9. Montblanc
    Montblanc Meisterstuck 7000 Star Stainless Steel Day Date Chronograph Watch | eBay
  10. Public Forum
    Check this fake Rado lol
  11. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    Hi all, Id love to tap into your wisdom oh watchuseekers.. Especially those of you with experience in dealing in Rolex. I've got my finger quivering over the trigger to buy a used Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic, SS, Black & Green, complete with box, cards etc. I saw it on craiglist, but the seller...
  12. Public Forum
    Hi Watchuseekers, I Have been walking past this watch at a local antiques store for the last two weeks and with every look becoming more and more intrigued by it. I have searched for something similar but cant find anything, which makes me a little suspect of it genuineness, so here the...
  13. Seiko
    Hi, I'm new here. As someone who just recently have interest in watches, it is hard for me to determine whether a watch is fake or real. And there are quite a number of threads being opened for this purpose to seek help. I would like to suggest we have a thread pinned here so that experienced...
  14. Tissot
    Hello everybody, I've found a nice Tissot PRS516 Automatic watch on Ebay. The seller posted some photos of the offered watch. Tissot Experts, please advise if this is a real or fake watch. The link is here: Tissot T Sport PRS516 Automatic Mens Watch T044 430 21 041 00 758499234115 | eBay My...
  15. Public Forum
    Hi everyone, I feel bad bothering everyone but I need help. I'm bidding on the watch below from someone with no stars. However he sent me pics of the watch(pls see below), and promised to take it back and pay for shipping if it's fake. Guys based on the pictures do you think it's real?
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Calling all watch nerds, A question for those of your that are constantly scouring the bay, chrono 24, craigslist, etc., for vintage watches like myself... What brands of watches do you find most likely to be found in fake or re-dialed condition? I am most interested watches below the...
  17. Tissot
    Hi I need some help with this. Please help me to identify if this watch is original or fake. Thanks.
1-18 of 71 Results