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    WTT - Trade Corner
    Please disregard
  2. The travails of revese-winding

    Russian watches
    Hello all, This is likely a neophyte question but please bear with me. I recently purchased what I believe is a NOS Poljot watch containing hand-winding cal. 3105 from It is perfect in every way and has easily become the favorite in my modest collection. It gains roughly 2...
  3. Baselworld 2016: Belier Watches Live Report

    News from the Watch Industry
    One of the most talked about independent young watchmakers this year at Baselworld was new AHCI candidate, Kim Djapri, and his brand Belier.  Watchuseek was actually pointed in Kim's direction thanks to none other than Philippe Dufour, who explained he had an impressive new watch that we should...
  4. Does anyone still sell the Casio CASIO PAW1300Y-1VCR / PRV1300Y-1VER models in the USA?

    Casio G-Shock
    I know it is an older model watch, but I'm a big fan of the 1300 (prefer over the 1500 series) and I want a stealth. Does anyone know where I can find either model (CASIO PAW1300Y-1VCR / PRV1300Y-1VER) in the USA? I may be asking the impossible since I think that amazon was the exclusive dealer...
  5. WTB: CASIO PAW1300Y-1VCR / PRV1300Y-1VER / PRG-110Y-1VDR

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been lurking on these forums for a while and I've been looking for a Casio reverse display ABC digital watch. Really any of these would work: PAW1300Y-1VCR PRV1300Y-1VER PRG-110Y-1VDR I have a verified paypal account, and would be happy to purchase the watch direct or through an...
  6. Cheap way to reverse a G-Shock display...I THINK!

    Casio G-Shock
    hey everyone, :-) a few days ago, after coming back from the movies,(watche one of those 3D ones) i threw those cheap 3D glasses you get for a dollar, on my desk, couple days later, out of curiosity, i placed the glasses over my G 7900 display, and to my supprise it did nothing haha, but when i...
  7. what watches have the same presence as the Suunto Core?

    Digital & ABC watches
    Im loving my new Suunto Core all black Now Im searching for my next watch to collect Im wondering if there is any other watch that has the same presence as the Core. For me the size and shape is just right - and I really like reverse displays It looks big and mean without looking like a toy...
  8. Nike Anvil

    Digital & ABC watches
    Today my new Nike Anvil in black with reverse display arrived from the States and I absolutely love it! It's everything I imagined and more, not least because it was sold as having a faulty backlight; however, I've just found in the manual that you can turn it off, so I've re-enabled it...
  9. FS: DW-8400BK-1MJF Real Black MUDMAN MUDMAN MUDMAN Real Black MUDMAN Real Black MUDMAN

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I have two Real Black Mudman. Recently just sold one and left with this last piece. Used condition with all functions working great including the Alarm and Backlight. Usual scuffs on the bezel and bands as expected from a used watch but overall in a good state. Please see attached closed-up...
  10. trying to reverse-display a DW-8400

    Casio G-Shock
    A new 6900 module arrived in the post yesterday, the idea being to see if I can reverse the display and have that as an option for my dw-8400 mudman. I have polarising film on its way too and all the instructions courtesy of the sticky in this forum. So, I carefully took the module out of the...