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  1. OSO Orbit Collection Mirage

    I recently got to check out a brand new microbrand watch called the OSO Orbit. This is an affordable meca-quartz chronograph (I believe it will go on Kickstarter for $220 over the next few weeks), and has a very interesting case and bezel design. There's definitely a lot of vintage chronograph...
  2. Biatec Leviathan - Thoughts & Photographs

    Dive watches
    Biatec is a microbrand based in Slovakia, and the Leviathan is their dive watch offering. I look at dive watches quite frequently, and there isn't too much design innovation going on in this domain unfortunately. So when I get a chance to play with something a bit more inspired and original, I...
  3. Biatec Leviathan - Interesting Diver from Slovakia

    Biatec is a microbrand based in Slovakia, and the Leviathan is their dive watch offering. I look at dive watches quite frequently, and there isn't too much design innovation going on in this domain unfortunately. So when I get a chance to play with something a bit more inspired and original, I...
  4. Baltic Aquascaphe SB01 review

    I wanted to do a video review of this watch so figured I'd wait a couple of weeks before doing so as I'd get some good wear time with it and get to know the pros and any cons. Here it is!
  5. Just done a deal with _mechanical_art_ ! Extremely pleased.

    Just bought a panarai from Chris. Extremely easy guy to work with. My watch was in great condition and I plan on doing more business with him in the future.
  6. Sablier Grand Cru 44 - World's First Concave Watch Crystal

    Sablier is an American micro-brand that has developed an identity around designing luxury watches for wine enthusiasts. I heard of this brand a while ago, but always overlooked them because I assumed they were watches for serious wine enthusiasts, and I had no business being interested in them...
  7. Personal Review: Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium 42mm

    To be honest, I never imaged myself owning a Hublot. It’s not that I hate it (like many people do), I just find it that they are either too expensive, or too large for my liking. Moreover, their “integrated” strap makes strap changing way too difficult and fussy for me to play with. But I...
  8. Audric Seaborne 500m

    I'm a bit late to the Audric Seaborne party, but I'm glad to finally get my hands on this watch as it is quite an impressive piece of kit. With it's aggressive case design and tank-like wrist presence, this watch is not messing around. My 6.25" wrist isn't the target audience for this watch, but...
  9. Unimatic Modello Due U2F Review

    I've been wanting to check out a Unimatic watch for months now. Their watches look great - and in the short time that they've been around, they've managed to create quite a unique design identity for their watches. They've had tremendous success, and that isn't a complete surprise considering...
  10. Seaborne Sea Venture - Lots of orange

    Here is my review of the very colorful Seaborne Sea Venture. This is a surprisingly well built watch, with a color palette that is quite creative. Good option for those looking for an affordable dive watch with some flare. Highly recommend swapping their strap out for something more subdued...
  11. Personal Review: Omega Planet Ocean 42mm - Ceramic Bezel

    Planet Ocean have always been one of the most underrated watch in Omega’s lineup. It is mostly overshadowed by it’s older brother (because it was released first), the Seamaster, and it’s famous cousin that went to the moon - The Speedmaster. While it is regaining more popularity these days, I...
  12. Vandaag Schallmauer - Thoughts & Photographs

    German watches
    Vandaag was kind enough to send me both their Primus and Schallmauer models to review a few weeks ago, and I finally get to share with you my thoughts and photographs on the Schallmauer, which was their debut piece. Video review for anyone that wants to hear me mis-pronounce a lot of German...
  13. Vandaag Schallmauer Review

    I got this watch a while ago, but finally got around to publishing my review of it. Vandaag is a relatively new German microbrand, and the Schallmauer was their debut piece. This is a quartz watch, but has some of the cleanest dial finishing I've seen on a watch under $1000. They are also using...
  14. Sinn 104 St Sa I W - Thoughts & Photographs

    A few months ago I was contemplating buying the Guinand Flight Engineer, and while I was looking at that watch, the 104 was a top contender. I ended up with the Flight Engineer, but I've been wanting to get my hands on a 104 to check out ever since. I borrowed this for a week from a friend, and...
  15. Sinn 104 Review (White Dial - I St Sa)

    Finally got hold of one of this watches (borrowed it from a friend) and spent a few days with it. I strongly considered this watch when I was in the market to buy my Guinand Flight Engineer, but ended up with the Guinand instead. But it was nice to actually see it in the metal. Written review...
  16. Baltic HMS 002 Blue Gilt - Thoughts & Photographs

    Affordable watches
    I've been a Baltic Aquascaphe owner for little under a year now and I like that watch. I think it is well designed, and reasonably well executed. I think Baltic are best at doing dials, and I've loved the sector dial design language of the HMS 002 when they released their collaboration pieces...
  17. Baltic HMS 002 Blue Gilt Review

    I bought this watch the day it released and got it a few days ago. I love sector dials (Longines, JLC, etc.) and I love blue, so I had to get this one, even if just to review (that rhymed?) Here's my review video: And a more detailed written review: Baltic HMS 002 Blue Gilt – Beans & Bezels...
  18. Sólás Starlight Review - Affordable Microrotor

    Spent about a week with this watch and was quite excited to see a movement like this on a $400 watch. Detailed review with lots of photographs - Sólás Starlight Review – Beans & Bezels :coffee::coffee:
  19. Seamaster Planet Ocean 39.5mm mini-review

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! If you want to get straight to the review, please skip to the third paragraph. For those interested in a little backstory, please read on ;) When the prices of the Rolex OP39 skyrocketed at the beginning of this month due to the discontinuation of the general model, I...
  20. Valhalla of Norway Øks Review

    I got to spend a few days with this very interesting Norse weapon inspired watch. This prototype is from Valhalla of Norway and this watch is called Øks (Axe). You can find my video review here: and I did a brief write-up here - Valhalla of Norway Øks - Thoughts & Photographs :coffee: