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    Straps & Bracelets
    PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING! The idea of this thread is to be succinct and orderly. Think of this not as a discussion, but a system separate from cheapest nato to inform potential buyers. Please do not comment on reviews. Please do not comment at all unless you are adding a review. Please...
  2. Timex Gallatin TW4B036009J / T49996 / TW4B03600

    Timex Gallatin TW4B036009J / T49996 / TW4B03600 Let’s begin with the most infamous question about reviews. Would I buy this watch at full manufacturer retail price? Currently at at $57.00 American Dollars incluiding free shipping. The answer is YES! I beginning with this question...
  3. My little youtube channel about watches

    Public Forum
    Hi, how is everyone? Just started a little youtube channel that started with reviews of guns and now im trying to transfer it to different topic, my big love, watches. I will do reviews, my thoughts and different aspects regarding watches, now you can find reviews of watches like Seiko, Tissot...
  4. Upcoming review on the Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT

    Just wanted to give you all a heads-up - tomorrow, our review on the Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT will be going live over on WWR. Here are a few images to tide you over until then...
  5. Review coming up on the Ball Engineer II Pilot GMT

    Ball Forum
    Just wanted to throw a little teaser out - next Monday (Feb 6) we'll have our latest Ball watch review up over on WWR. This time around, it's the Engineer II Pilot GMT. Here are a few images to tide you over...
  6. Forsining Ultra Affordable / Automatic / Open Heart Balance Wheel

    I recently received this Chinese Forsining watch for review. This watch is beautiful on the wrist and the working open heart balance wheel (Tourbi) adds quite a touch of class to the piece. It comes with a very good looking black leather band which is croc embossed. For the price point of this...
  7. Ask my girlfriend what she thinks about your watch.

    Public Forum
    Over the last couple of months I've been making strides in getting my girlfriend to like and appreciate watches. Maybe not obsess over them like I do, but a good healthy interest. Well, fellas, my work has been paying off. At first, she was like, "Well, I had a watch once, but it was sporty...
  8. Fulfilled by Certified Watch Store

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    I ordered a Victorinox at a great price through only to discover it was to be Fulfilled by Certified Watch Store which has been processing my order since yesterday. During that time I have read many horror stories regarding their products being used and or defective and poor customer...
  9. Favorite Watch website --> pick one!

    Public Forum
    There are many great (most) watch review and news websites. If you had to pick just one to get some of your new from, which one would it be??
  10. Positive Experience with joeyza

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Traded with joeyza and everything went very smooth. He was professional and even overnighted the watch because I was in a bind time-wise. The IWC is great! Thanks joeyza. Justin Kelley Instagram: @jm_kelley
  11. Looking For Volunteer Review Writers

    Hello, I'm looking for volunteer writers to review watches for my blog. I will be promoting this blog all over social media with promoted posting so this will be a good way to get your name out there. Feel free to email me if you're interested. I will credit the writer and allow website link in...
  12. My New Watch Blog... What do you guys think? :)

    Public Forum
    Hello all! :-) So just over a week ago, I decided to start a watch blog!! I am 16 years old, so quite young for a watch enthusiast I guess, but it is a huge passion none the less! :-! So yeah, here's my blog - TheWatchFace - Watch Reviews, Tutorials, Lists, Guides and much more Please let me...
  13. Review: Oris Divers Sixty Five, a New Diver's Watch with Vintage Appeal

    Oris unveiled its Sixty Five diver's watch this year at Baselworld and it was in top 10 most discussed watches.  This watch pays true homage to the original Oris divers, which were issued in the 1960s. The Sixty Five diver's case has been upgraded from 36mm to a more modern fit of 40mm...
  14. Request for Sinn U1 pictures and testimonies

    Hello everyone-- I have been considering purchasing a Sinn U1 as my next watch and plan to use it as an everyday beater. I was hoping some current owners could share their thoughts on it and if anyone could provide a side by side picture of the fully tegimented bezel and a regular bezel that...
  15. Projection Alarm Clocks - The New Trend

    Today, you can find tons of alarm clocks on the market, in various models and designs, in different price ranges and with different features, so there is one for every taste and pocket and personal preference. However, one of the latest and newest time pieces that can be purchased today is the...
  16. Safe Trader App Review, Scam ,Legit Reviews

    Public Forum
    ----------------------------------- The Rolex Day-Date, launched in 1956 and touted by Rolex as the first chronometer wristwatch to spell out both the date and day of the week on its dial, has throughout its long history been available only in gold cases. That tradition continues with five...
  17. Has anybody purchased a watch from

    Public Forum
    Hi all, my apologies if this has been discussed in the forum before but couldn't find any thread's on a search. I stumbled upon today and was considering doing a trade/purchase through them for a Rolex GMT. I have tried searching the web for reviews on this company and I have to...
  18. Nivrel Deep Ocean

    Public Forum
    Hello All, I am new to WUS and looking for feedback from anyone who owns a Nivrel Deep Ocean. Thank you, Michael
  19. Hermes H Belt Review (with lots of pictures)

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    The Whole review here: Kaarle XVII "Making everything you touch the best there is.": Hermes H Belt Review Thanks for your earlier comment about the Rolex Cellini review (also in same blog) and Please feel free to comment and point out things that you want to know or didn't want to know :D
  20. TIMEX Expedition Military Field Reviews?

    Affordable watches
    So i've decided on getting another watch, and i basically want a low cost watch that i can throw around and not worry about breaking either, so i've decided on the TIMEX Expedition military field, the one below, anyone have this watch? if you do is it a good watch?