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  1. Remove rotor before mounting on a movement holder?

    I have only modded exterior of a watch (bezel, crown, hands etc.) but never touched the movement inside. I am planning to swap the date-wheel (not overlay) on a movement (2892-A2) and need some advice. I want to make minimum changes so was wondering if it necessary to remove the rotor before...
  2. Is this sound normal?

    Is the sound of the oscillating weight the same in all 7s26 when you shake it vertically? I just bought a new 7s26 from china and replaced the oscillating weight, but it is making the same noise again when shaken vertically.
  3. Is this sound normal?

    Is the sound of the oscillating weight the same in all 7s26 when you shake it vertically? I just bought a new 7s26 from china and replaced the oscillating weight, but it is making the same noise again when shaken vertically. here is a video:
  4. Some Advice? Two Weeks Old Rider M002 Bauhaus Watch Very Noisy All Of A Sudden

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello all, I've already posted about this on the Heads Up! thread, but it got locked as the new month began, so not sure if it's been missed. Or maybe I'm just stating the obvious (I'm new to Automatic watches!) :-) I bought the Rider M002 Bauhaus-style Watch when it went on Sale to $60...
  5. My Glycine has a loose rotor? - I'm new to the world of watches

    Hello, I picked up a Glycine Incursore Power Reserve model #3880. I bought it from a consignment store for $50, no box or papers. It was kind of an incredible find. I confess, I did not particularly like this model, but given it's insanely low price it would have been stupid not to get it. I...
  6. Tudor North Flag Noisy Rotor

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hello, I have recently purchased a Tudor North Flag pre owned and became aware that the rotor on it was really quite loud when rotating. If I tapped the watch it sounded like a bag of spanners! It makes a kind of rattling sound. Sounded very cheaply made. Could probably post a video of this if I...
  7. Longines Master Collection Moon Phase - rotor differences. Two types of decorations.

    I was looking at some pictures of the rotor of the Longines Master Collection Moon Phase, an d I saw that there are two types of decorations and two types of writings. Can you please shed some light on this. Thanks
  8. New Damasko - is this noise normal?

    Damasko Uhren
    Hi everyone. I'm nearly a week into owning my first Damasko, as DA44, but have noticed that the movement is extremely noisy, much more so than any other watch I own. Is this normal? I can hear it ticking sometimes even when my arm is in the down at my side position, but perhaps more worrying is...
  9. Rotor missing from this watch?

    Public Forum
    I have a Seiko 5, found from my uncle's stuff and I think the rotor is missing, but I'm not sure. Am I right? This is the watch:
  10. Found my uncle's wath and don't know the model number - rotor missing

    Public Forum
    Hi, I found my uncle's watch - an old Seiko 5 - and I want to know the model, but the rotor is missing(I think). This is the watch: Maybe someone can help me with the exact model number. Thank you!
  11. Any experience with changing the rotor retaining bolt/ring on a Soprod SOP A10 movement?

    I have a Sotwa watch with a Soprod A10 movement and the rotor retaining ring (bolt?) has come loose. It's basically the same part as in this video: , the part that he removes / attaches with the red tool. It is a retaining ring which he causes a bolt...
  12. Seamaster Planet Ocean 8500 coaxial - rotor making a squeaking noise

    Hi All - I am brand new to this site and this forum, and I am hoping to have some beginner's luck with my first post. For anyone that owns (or has owned) a Planet Ocean 8500 coaxial, have you ever heard the rotor make a squeaking noise when it turns? Is this common? Does it indicate a...
  13. Pre-Baselworld SCOOP from GoS Watches !

    GoS Watches will introduce a new model at Baselworld 2014. GoS Watches is very excited about the "high contrast" stainless damascus steel for which Johan Gustafsson invented and refined the creation process during the autumn. This gives them another edge (no pun intented) on their previous...
  14. Valjoux 7750 problem. Rotor is NOISY in Hamilton Jazzmaster chrono...

    Public Forum
    Ok, So I got a Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono for Christmas from the parents, and I'm more than happy with the watch. They bought it online as there are no AD for Hamilton in Australia whatsoever, and putting an airfare ontop of an already expensive watch was far out of the question. Anyway, my...
  15. Today, my Seiko Kinetic ska523' rotor noise got louder.

    Today, my Seiko Kinetic ska523' rotor noise got significantly louder. (It's only a week old T_T) Before the noise was not noticeably present: I could not really hear the rotor unless I bring the watch close to my ear. Only cause I can suspect is the fact that I washed my hand on the sink and the...
  16. Getat Panerai homage watch owners... How loud is the rotor in your automatic?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Yeah, I was going to buy a Getat Panerai homage watch, and decided to get a Parnis Portuguese Power Reserve first instead as a 'trial' of sorts of these chinese mechanicals. When I received it though I was very less than impressed with the noise the rotor makes and I made a comparative video...
  17. ........... PARNIS Portuguese Power reserve rotor noise? Is this actually a sea-gull movement?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Yeah so not long ago I bought a Parnis Portuguese Power Reserve homage from manbush The link claims that it has a Sea Gull 2542 Power Reserve movement which I'm not that familiar with it. The accuracy I haven't tested yet because I didn't buy this...
  18. Affordable and dependable: Rotor Watches

    Affordable watches
    16 - 01 - 2013 | 18:06Launched last year, there’s a new German watch brand, at the moment known mainly to watch forum regulars, whose aim is to manufacture affordable mechanical watches assembled in Germany using German made cases, dials, crowns and bracelets but fitted with Swiss mechanical...
  19. Longines Master Collection Rotor Problems - help please~

    Hello, I am really new to the automatic watch world and Longine is my first automatic watch which I bought recently used from a watch collector. I didn't realize the rotor is off, everything still works fine until I brought this watch to Tourneau (changing strap) but I am not 100% sure if that...
  20. A little confused re rotor and rotor wheel...

    Public Forum
    When people talk about the rotor spinning and the rotor wheel spinning in an automatic watch, what's the distinction? Is there a difference between a rotor and a rotor wheel, or is it just semantics? Thanks.