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  1. Public Forum
    RueLaLa has a good sale on Concord watches. Prices are 80% discounted off retail for some watches, e.g. $1000 instead of $5000. Note: Concord can usually be found at 50% off. However, 80% off is really good. For example they have the very flat Concord Delirium in 18k gold for $1700. Overstock...
  2. Public Forum
    No business connection with these people just letting my WIS brothers and sisters know that there is a sale starting on July 8 at 11am ET. Haven't seen a specific Lacroix forum. Please move if this is not the right place. From the preview this could be a very interesting sale. You need an...
  3. Oris
    Discounter RueLaLa has a huge Oris sale going on. I checked prices against another source where one can buy "authentic" watches and RueLaLa is even cheaper. Nice selection on BC4 and Artelier. You need an invitation to get in. Here is my invite link: I hope...
1-3 of 5 Results