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russian dive watch

  1. FS: Zlatoust 195 Lefty in Titanium w/ Sapphire Crystal!!! ***[email protected]@K!!!***

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    Asking $595 OBRO for this rare Zlatoust with a titanium case and sapphire crystal!!! Here it is, an authentic 46mm Zlatoust diver, made in Russia. Come get your Zlatty with matching paperwork from the factory right here! Super charge your collection and get away from the ordinary with this...

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    SOLD! THANKS BUYER AND WUS!!! REDUCED TO $725 OBRO!!! Suuuuuper rare. Way off the radar, and still affordable! Here it is, a full bronze 46mm Russian diver, made in Russia. Rare as it gets. This one required a wait if several months as well as a connection to get one! Comes on a large size...
  3. SOLD!!! Vostok Amphibia Special Edition, NEW! ***[email protected]@K***

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    NOW SOLD THANKS BUYER AND WUS!!! REDUCED TO A SUPER LOW $100, SHIPPED IN THE USA ONLY!!! Looking for Paypal verified users in the USA. Seriously, at this price it's merely an expensive bar tab. This Vostok Amphibia Special Edition #650519B is new in the box! I bought a few others and this one...
  4. SOLD: Russian Dive Watch - $50

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    Purchased this at an antique Russian watch store. I love it, but it's way too large for my wrist. The battery needs to be changed so I'm offering it for $50 (includes shipping) OBO - shipped within the US. Payment via PayPal. I no longer have the original packaging. Case diameter 50...
  5. WTB: Looking for a specific model of a Vostok Amphibia Komandirskie !!I will pay good $$$ for one!!!

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    I know one just sold not so long ago and i missed it! :-( But i know there are others out there. Looking for this specific model with the same dial, case, bezel, hands. I dont care if its on a strap or bracelet. Good condition is important. And I will pay you good $$$ for it I promise. This one...

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    Hi all. My grandfather passed a little over a year ago. We found this watch in a bunch of boxes from his place about six months ago. He originally came to United States in 1990 and from what i understand him and my grandmother bought some Russian souvenirs before they left in memory of their...
  7. FS: Ekranoplan - Sea Green Caspian Sea Monster from Vostok Europe 98% --- w/ TRITIUM Tubes

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    $275 SOLD!!!!!! For sale is a fantastic, like new VE Ekranoplan. Best net price new is $499. This was worn only a couple of times around the house and is like new. It is free from any dings, dents or swirls to the naked eye. Fabulous military sandblasted finish with colored sea-green strap and...
  8. FS: Vostok Europe Ekranoplan "Caspian Sea Monster" ***REDUCED***WITH TRITIUM***

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    For sale is the very large Vostok Europe Ekranoplan. It's absolutely huge with a Vostok-Europe 2432 32 Jewel movement and tritium tubes. Comes with rubber molded strap to fit the case and is mounted on the additional leather strap which is an additional $25. This watch retails at $489...
  9. LWE: $1 No Reserve! Invicta QUINOTAUR Russian Diver Extreme Watch

    eBay Auctions Invicta 4342 :thanks
  10. Please help me solve the mystery of this Russian dive watch

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    Hi, I have recently purchased this rather original Russian 24 hours dive watch. This is the only 24 hours dive watch I have ever seen, and I love it. Of course, it is ridiculously big and heavy - unwearable, really - but it is also quite beautiful. I had read a warning on ebay about fake...