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  1. 411 on this ?

    Russian watches
    I know it’s russian but I know nothing else
  2. FS: Vostok Amphibian blue "Scuba Dude" on blue perlon w/ extra rubber strap - $55 shipped in CONUS -- SOLD --

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    For sale is the classic Vostok Amphibian 420 cased "Scuba Dude" model, on a blue perlon strap. I purchased it new around 4 years ago and have worn it only occasionally. Condition is very clean overall, with just a few small blemishes on the side of the polished case. This particular Amphibian...
  3. Vostok(?) watch identification

    Russian watches
    Hi all! This is my first post on this forum and I have a burning question! My partner handed me a watch to service that belonged to her (Russian) grandfather with an interesting text saying: "from the government of Moscow for service to the fatherland". Due to some obscurities within the...
  4. Real Strela?

    Russian watches
    Hello, I just started watch collecting, and I wanted a Strela 3017 as my first watch. I found this on eBay, and I have already bought it. I just want to hear some opinions about this watch. Thanks much appreciated.
  5. SOLD Vostok Komandirskie K-34 GMT

    WTT - Trade Corner
    SOLD, SOLD Bang for Buck . Vostok Komandirskie K-34 GMT Solid in-house Russian movement and GMT to boot only 1 year old, Original Owner) and rated to 100m Liked it so much I went and brought the diver version of this model so don't need 2 in my collection. On Mesh bracelet, sizable up to at...
  6. Slava new models on Moscow Watch Expo 2019 translated to English

    Russian watches
    Hello! It's better late than never, so here is the video with news about Slava brand from Moscow Watch Expo 2019 with English subtitles. The owner of channel would be happy to have feedback and could make translation for more videos if you ask for it. P.S. Couldn't make the subtitles to...
  7. To Fix or To Replace - that is the question

    Public Forum
    I recently bought a mechanical Russian watch (sub $50); it keeps decent time (-1min a day). However, it has a cracked acrylic crystal. I am debating a sort of clear epoxy fix (if possible) or a replacement crystal. I have no experience in either vein. The crystal is of the box dome variety. I...
  8. FS: Vostok-Europe Maxim Gorky Limited Edition

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Here's one you don't see too often. The Vostok-Europe Maxim Gorky in excellent condition. Beautiful red gold/stainless steel two-tone combination done very tastefully. Red gold bezel, crown and accents on the bracelet. Very detailed brown dial with red day night indicator. The rotor is...
  9. Poljot Okean Creative Strap Combos

    Russian watches
    I've been a strap buying binge. Here's what I came up with for my Poljot Okean Maktime Re-issue: Blue REWA heavy duty single pass strap. I actually don't remember where I go this. The blue matches the blue on the watch, but I actually don't like that. I think it looks better to have...
  10. Sturmanskie Poljot Okean Chronograph cal. 3133

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi All, Im selling my Sturmanskie Poljot Okean Chronograph. It's in great working condition and keeping good time. UK sale only please Diameter: 39 mm Crystal: semi-domed Movement: Mechanical movement, Chronograph Poljot 3133 (base Valjoux 7734). Water resist: 3ATM Lug: 18 mm £280 by...
  11. FS: 1959 ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ (WOSTOK Precision Class) cal. 2809 Chronometers - Made in USSR. X2!!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS: 1959 ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ (WOSTOK Precision Class) cal. 2809 Chronometers - Made in USSR. X2!! FS: TWO ВОСТОЌ ПРЕЦИЗИОННЫЕ (WOSTOK Precision Class) cal. 2809 Chronometers I'm not an expert on these, but I will try to convey what I know to be correct info. The movement of the first watch is...
  12. Choosing a good watch ?

    Russian watches
    Hello ;) Can you please tell me which brand you would say is a good beginning to learn more about Russian watches ? I saw Vostok, Poljot, Luch, Zim Pobeda .. and now i'm not sure where to start from. What are the main differences apart from the look of the dials ? (i'm looking for reliability...
  13. My new Vostok Komandirskie

    Image Gallery
    What do you guys think? I like it a lot, unfortunately it's running 1+ minute a day.
  14. SOLD: Amfibia Scuba 200M Russian diver -- Vostok 2416 mvmt, rubber strap, under warranty -- MINT

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    SOLD! Amfibia Scuba Reference 076800/2416 I purchased this new from Meranom back in April 2019 in anticipation of a dive/snorkel/beach trip that is no longer happening. I paid $175.00 for it. It has been on my wrist exactly once for about an hour to get some lume shots. It's a rugged &...
  15. SOLD: Vostok Special Edition Mod -- Amphibia 110B38 200M diver + original 090 case and parts

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD! Today I've got a modded Vostok diver that started life as an Amphibia Special Edition 090B38 in a tonneau case. I swapped the gorgeous no-date dial into a 110 case, and added a display back and an upgraded solid-link bracelet. The 110 case is 43mm to the crown guards, but wears like a...
  16. SOLD: Vostok Mod -- Amphibia 110750 Radio Room dial - mesh bracelet, displayback, new bezel

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    SOLD VOSTOK MOD -- AMPHIBIA RADIO ROOM 110750 I have for sale a Vostok Amphibia that I modded using a 110 case and the #750 radio room dial. The handset is edged in black for better legibility. I added a stainless steel bezel (Vostok #720), an upgraded stainless steel mesh bracelet...
  17. Franck Muller russian movements

    High-end watches
    I have seen several comments about a scandal when Franck Muller was exposed to be using russian movements in their watches but I did not find any comprehensive evidence or pics etc. Would like to know more and maybe some reviews about the movement, disassembly and facts. Do you guys have any...
  18. SOLD: Vostok Komandirskie 350753 blue dial - LNIB - factory stickers - 25% off - fast delivery

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD ... Vostok Komandirskie 350753 For sale today I have a like-new-in-box Komandirskie with a cool blue dial. This is a tank of a watch, looks and feels like it could survive a nuclear bomb. Which maybe was the idea when these were first made … Watch is unworn, has been removed from box...
  19. SOLD: Vostok Amphibia 420 & Vostok Amphibia 150 priced to sell!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    BOTH ARE SOLD, THANK YOU BUYERS, THANK YOU WUS! I have two Vostok Amphibias for sale ... if you don't know the brand, it's been called "the AK-47 of dive watches," legendary for its durability, 200M w/r, and low cost. There are some great threads in the Russian forum explaining some of its...
  20. SOLD: Vostok blowout! 6 awesome modified Amphibias for sale! Great condition, great prices!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    ALL SOLD, THANK YOU WUS AND MY FANTASTIC BUYERS! Vostok clearance sale! Must make room for ... more Vostoks! All modded Amphibias include OEM parts (see pictures) and most have active warranty. These are barely/rarely worn, in excellent condition, noted if otherwise. Modified bezels from One...