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  1. Russian watches
    hi all, purchased this sweet soviet. not my first one but i have some newbie questions. 1. the "made in ussr" is written in russian, and some watches it is written in english. what is the meaning to that? (i think in russian it is more valued,atleast to me) 2. the "SU' movement is original to...
  2. Russian watches
    Probably not the most opportune time to ask this question. However I am looking for a parts supplier for Russian watches. My watch repairer said to me that it is "difficult to get parts" for a couple of hand wound Russian watches I have . He's a reputable repairer and has great testimonials for...
  3. Russian watches
    Hi all, I would like to inquire the method of setting the date and the week calendar separately with the Poljot cal. 26669. I looked through some threads and a lot were mentioned, but they were too vague for me to figure out. I apologize beforehand as I am new to this hobby. Thank you, and have...
  4. Public Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm new here I would appreciate your help in getting more information about the next watch
  5. Russian watches
    Hi everyone, I'm a total beginner in the world of watches and I'm thinking about getting a Poljot De Luxe 23 J as my first watch (literally). Something about these numerals just made me fell in love with it! That being said, I'm having a hard time filtering what's original and what's not. What...
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS Vintage Poljot 2614 2H This is a classic Poljot watch from the 1970’s utilizing the Poljot 2614 2H movement. I originally bought this off an eBay seller from Ukraine about a year ago when I began collecting watches. I later realized that I did not prefer to wear gold watches and it has not...
    $85 USD
  7. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    This is a classic Vostok/Boctok/Wostok watch from the 1970’s utilizing the Vostok 2214 movement. I originally bought this off an eBay seller from Russia about a year ago when I began collecting watches. I later realized that I did not prefer to wear gold watches and it has not seen much...
    $65 USD
  8. Russian watches
    Hello Comrades, Here is my new video review, this time it is my Pobeda Red 12.
  9. Russian watches
    With watches like this one on the Vostok komandirskie line, are all (or at least most) of the components actually made in Russia? I am at a bit of a loss right now, can't seem to find any reliable sources on this, Russian or otherwise.
  10. Russian watches
    i found this at a flea market for only 4 euros, been really wanting one, so yes, finally i got one and its even my fav case, the 420......... pripyvet comrades ;)
  11. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Svet with Raketa 2609 manual wind movement. Measures approximately 33.5mm in diameter, 39.5mm lug-to-lug and 10mm thick. I bought this from a Russian eBay seller a few years back. Although my knowledge of Russian watches is quite limited, my recollection on this is that, when I bought it...
  12. Vostok 819354

    Vostok 819354
  13. Vostok 439564

    439564 Airforce
  14. Vostok 929xxx?

    929xxx 1945-1995 Order of the Patriotic War 50 years anniversary Larger case back 35.5mm and 32mm ring
  15. Slava 2414

    Slava (Glory) USSR 1970-1979 Calibre 2414 21 jewels 21600bpm
  16. Russian watches
    Just bought this manual Vostok watch for $35. Feels, looks & runs incredibly. Anyone have any idea when it was made and if it is a genuine Vostok Komandirskie or not?
  17. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Preferably mechanical, good condition, can ship to UK. Thanks for looking!
  18. Russian watches
    Hello, I found this watch at a car boot and bought it. It's a Russian cccp watch. I know it is a military issue but I want to know if anybody knows any more about it. I know it was made between the 1960s and 1991 because the front is plastic. It's wind up and still works perfectly. I just want...
  19. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello, I have a vintage watch that I would need help with. It was inherited by my wife from her Russian Grandmother. We know very little about her, other that she possibly came from an well to do or well connected family. It says "Aug Ericsson" on the dial and it seem August Ericsson was a...
  20. Russian watches
    Hi everyone :) I bought this watch about 15 years ago I Lithuania, but I don’t have that much information about it… so I hope you guys could help me out:p I’ve got the text translated to “Vympel” “17 jewels/stones” “Made in Belarus” and in the back it says “17 jewels/stones” “AH 2J2” so do...
1-20 of 346 Results