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sales forum question
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    Hi All, I have a watch for sale on our sales forum. I'd like to edit the original post and drop the price, but the "edit" button is missing from there as well as the next 5-6 reply "bump" posts. I've reached a second page of replies, so I'm concerned that anything I change will not be seen...
  2. Public Forum
    Hello all, Just joined and in fact this is my first post. I actually joined to sell a watch I recently acquired - a new Tag Heuer w/ tags. I've never sold a watch, let alone through a forum online and I was wondering if you all had any advice for me on how to go about conducting the...
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    There are a couple of questions I was wondering about when it comes to sales forums and selling watches online. I was hoping those with experience buying or selling in forums here or any of the other big forums can elaborate with answers. Forgive my ignorance if need be... One- Why do ads...
1-3 of 3 Results