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  1. [FS] Rare Like New SEIKO SARB046 Demi Gold Sunburst

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    Selling this rare Seiko Mechanical Automatic Golden SARB046 that offers with 23 Jewels, Sapphire glass, Stainless steel gold plated metal stamping, 10 bar water resistance, and movement 6R15. Dimensions: 38mm x 12mm case, 46mm lug to lug, 20mm lug width. I have the watches with orginal...

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    It's discontinued version and working in very good condition as you can see in pictures, comes with bracelet, full links up to 17 cm. No Seiko box or papers. Price is $520 with EMS shipping anywhere in the world with tracking numbers. Paypal me at [email protected] as soon as payment is...
  3. WTB: Sarb033/021 EU seller

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi! Looking for a Seiko sarb with black dial like sarb033 or sarb021. Send me a PM if you have one for sale! Prefer EU based seller to avoid 25% import tax. Regards, GusH
  4. FS: Seiko SARB021

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    For sale is Seiko SARB021 The watch is in good condition but there are some minor scratches caused by daily wear and a small dent on one of the lugs. The watch comes with two links for the bracelet, one pin (no collar), box and instructions. The price is $380 including shipping and PayPal...
  5. Seiko SARB021

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    Up for sale is Seiko SARB021 The watch is in good condition but there are some minor scratches and a small dent on one of the lugs. The crystal is flawless. The watch comes with two links for the bracelet, one pin (collar is lost), box and instructions. Price is $420 including shipping...
  6. WTB: Seiko Sarb021 or Sarb033

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Found! Thanks wus and offers!
  7. WTB - Seiko SARB045 or SARB021

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking for either a Seiko SARB045 or SARB021 to add to my collection. Message me if you have either available. Thanks. -H
  8. Date adjust problem with Seiko SARB021

    I cannot adjust the date on my Seiko SARB021 with the crown in first position. I am definitely moving the crown counter-clockwise, as indicated in the owner's manual. Moving the crown clockwise doesn't change the date, either. The date will change when I adjust the time with the crown in second...
  9. Seiko SARB021 - Poor Man's Grand Seiko - Beautiful Condition

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    Hello all, I just received this and can only afford to keep one SARB. The 0035 is the one for me. Sooooo... This one's up for sale. Comes with the inner and outer box, three extra links (individually wrapped and with additional pins/collars) in original Seiko packaging and of course the watch...
  10. Thanks?

    Affordable watches
    I am not sure if i should thank this forum for all of the help or curse you for ruining my life. I used to be happy with my cheaper watches and then i found this site. I have spent far too much time over the last three weeks going through this forum. I had to double my budget and still I...
  11. Buying first good watch from, asking for advice

    Public Forum
    Hello folks! This is my first post here, after lurking for some a while. I have decided that I've had enough $20 Timex watches, and I'm ready to buy something good. I have $500 or so to spend at and hope someone can help me make a good decision. I'd like to buy an all-metal watch...
  12. New SARB021 (yay!) but has fine scratches on crystal

    Just purchased it from the Seiko boutique in Hong Kong yesterday and it was only when I arrived home (to my country) that I realized there were some very light and fine scratches on the Hardlex crystal. It's visible only in the strongest light and in the right angles. Otherwise, the rest of the...
  13. Seiko Domestic SARB021 (my first ever automatic watch!)

    Seiko watch reviews
    Dear fellow watch lovers! First of all: if my English is lacking please forgive me I'm from the Netherlands and wished our high school English class would actually meant something of value. Second: This is my first ever post on a watch forum! Third: This is my first Automatic watch! Not even...
  14. Calling all owners of non-dive Seiko watches with 6r15b movement

    Hello Watchuseekers ! This is my first post as a new "seeker" so forgive me if there is already an existing thread/s that encompass the info. I am trying to obtain. OK so enough of my intro/discretionary statement as a newbie. Now, no offense to the owners of Seiko dive watches that contain...
  15. FS: Seiko SARB021 6R15

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    Selling a 2 weeks old Japan only Seiko with the 6R15 movement. The watch is like new, with very few visible signs of wear, 95-98% condition. Specs: # Case Bracelet: SS # Dial: Black # Crystal: Sapphire # See-through back: Hardlex # Diameter: 37 mm (without the crown) # Thickness: 11.3 mm #...
  16. Seiko SARB021 vs OrientStar Classic WZ0071EL

    I was wondering if anyone with both these watches (or anyone with anything to say :P) would care to compare or comment on their respective fit and finish? I'm not too fussed about the technical aspects and differences (create another thread if you want to argue that :P), but rather solely the...
  17. Where to buy SARB021/SARB023/WZ0081EL bracelet?

    I really love the look of the bracelet on the Seiko SARB021/SARB023 and Orient WZ0081EL watches. First off, does anyone know the name of that type of bracelet? Secondly, is it possible to buy an authentic Seiko bracelet that looks like this or very similar? I've tried searching and looking...