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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Reputable honest buyer here in California looking to own one of the baby snowflakes. Cheers
  2. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hey! I want to buy the Seiko SARX055 "BabyGS Snowflake" I'm Toronto based right now, will gladly buy from a reputable guy. Please feel free to reach out. Thanks!
  3. Seiko
    All seiko lovers, need your help. Am visiting Tokyo this april and want to buy a seiko that i could resonate with local art and history. Am going with family and will be spending heavily on trip and hence not much budget for grand seiko. my choices: 1. SARD011 urushi with several complications...
  4. Seiko
    Last December I managed to get this SARX055 in Japan (it is still not available in France at the time of writing). At the beginning I had some doubt, because of its nickname "baby snowflake" (I hate buying a watch because it looks like another I can't afford e.g.), but when I open the package...