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  1. Seiko Astron 5x53, picture heavy first post:

    As my recent trip to Japan was cancelled I decided to purchase a new watch locally, after some looking around I found a ssh019j/sbxc019 that ended up being cheaper than it would've been in Japan. It ticked most of my boxes for what I would have wanted to purchase, zaratsu polishing, a 44gs...
  2. FS: BNIB citizen promaster CC3060-10E satellite wave

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling my BNIB citizen promaster purchased on 16 Dec 2017. watch was purchased from Japanese Rakuten AD. You can find them on IG @watchshop.nakaniwa Want to flip this purchase to fund the purchase of the DLC version of this. Will let go at 620 USD via PayPal. This includes shipping from...
  3. FS: Citizen elegant cc1090-52f satellite time ( EU SELLER )

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello friends i am offering CITIZEN CC1090-52F This is amazing , massive watch made by Citizen . THIS CITIZEN is part of Promaster Ait Collection. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this unique watch is satellite synchronised to automatically correct to local time and date...
  4. Morgenwerk M2-1 Titanium Satellite High-Accuracy Quartz (HAQ) - Accurate to less than 1 second/year

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is a Morgenwerk M2-1 Titanium HAQ watch. Price is $1000 (Retail was 1400 Euro) including PayPal fees and US shipping. For shipping outside of the US, please PM me first. 46mm titanium carbide coated titanium case. Sapphire crystal. Morgenwerk hand-built quartz caliber accurate to...
  5. What really is the difference between the Citizen CC9004-51E and the CC9005-58E...?

    For all I can see, they are identical... The CC9005-58E is said to be "limited", while I found no such claim for the CC904-51E. But since I can't find any difference in dial, hands, body or band, nor in any of the feature lists, I'm a bit puzzled. It wouldn't seem to make sense to have the...
  6. Vintage Women's Sicura Satellite Large Arrow Second Hand Movement Question

    Ladies' Watches
    I recently picked up a Women's Sicura Satellite and it needs a new movement. I was wondering if anyone knew what type of movement was original or would work in the watch. The movement has no markings on it other than the number of jewels (17 jewels). Any help would be appreciated since my...
  7. Citizen Promaster Satellite Wave Air CC1054-56E (Function Review)

    After launching the 1st Satellite Wave (aka the Appleseed XII) back in 2011, Citizen has relaunched the the Satellite Wave technology in a new series of regular production models, as a part of the Promaster series. Debuting at Basel World 2013, there will be 2 new variations coming out in...
  8. Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE Air ? Basel 2013

    Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE Air – Basel 2013 Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Air CC1054-56E The long awaited rebirth of the Citizen Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE has finally become a reality. About 2 years ago, Citizen debuted their original Satellite Wave Limited Edition of 990...
  9. The CITIZEN Satellite Wave watches only in Italy !!!

    The managing director of Citizen Watch Europe, Dante Grossi, has decided, that the CITIZEN Satellite wave watches (who where promised in europe for autumn 11), willl only be available exclusively in Italy. I find this very, very sad! CITIZEN Switzerland expects that the non-limited...
  10. Cool animation of the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave

    This was in the Baselworld press kit. Hope you like it:
  11. CITIZEN 2011: A message from the President, followed by the NEW 2011 Eco-Drive collection

    Since 1985, when CITIZEN first exhibited at BASELWORLD, we have continued to present extraordinary watches that symbolize the brand. Combining stunning advances in design with Eco-Drive that enables to keep on running wherever there is light, these watches have won worldwide acclaim. It is not...
  12. COSPAS-SARSAT switch to 406 Mhz Feb/09

    As of 2009.02.01 COSPAS-SARSAT, the (Search and Rescue) satellite system will no longer process signals from 121.50 ELT's. As of that date the system will switch to 406 Mhz. As a result, signals transmitted from Breitling Emergency watches on 121.50 will only be picked by aircraft and Air...