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  1. Grand Seiko
    First time posting. I just received my SBGV245 today via FedEx from Japan. The watch look stunningly beautiful than I realized the brush dial not uniformly smooth there is a dark spot between 10 minutes indices and Grand Seiko logo at first I thought crystal is try wipe down the crystal still...
  2. Grand Seiko
    I'm looking for curved rubber straps for the SBGV245 - do they exist? I've done some Googling but I cannot find any. Or alternatively, is there a curved rubber strap made for another Seiko model that is compatible with the SBGV245?
  3. Grand Seiko
    Hey everyone, if I mess up the post or do something against forum etiquette let me know, since it's my first time posting a thread. As the title suggests I'm looking for rubber / silicone strap options for my SBGV 245 for the summer. The main reason is so I don't sweat through my OEM cordura /...
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Well, this was initially up for sale BNIB last week but I thought that I should really try it out. It was an impulse buy. I just can't seem to enjoy a grey dialed watch. Price is in USD It has been worn for a weekend, but it is super clean, say 98%. There are some light marks from strap...