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  1. Public Forum
    Axcent of Scandinavia X 1851 On the face clock there is a word "Xante", the "e" has an accent. I searched everywhere and there is nothing on this watch. It's like it doesn't exist. Can some identify anything about it? I'll post pictures if need be
  2. Casio G-Shock
    Hey there. I'm a G-Shock fan from Denmark who is quite new to this site. I hope to meet other G-Shock fans in here, so I hope you'll leave a message if you're also into G-Shocks - especially if you're also from Denmark or a neighbouring country. But everyone is to leave a message. Greets Thomas.
  3. 2013
    And of course I knew they would have a booth, before I traveled to Basel, because Patrik already contacted me upfront and we scheduled an appointment. Funny though, because this was the first time we met "officially". All previous times we met at Baselworld, we met on the outskirts of the halls...
  4. Fashion & Designers watches
    Crafted in a typical cool menswear style, Messenger makes you think of manly men and adventurers. The curved lense gives the watch a great hefty look and feeling. As for the strap, the choice of solid leather provides the wearer with comfort, robustness and style. This will be a fashion...
1-4 of 4 Results