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  1. Public Forum
    Dear ladies, gents, I came across ads on Instagram (yes I know...) for a product I could initially not believe is actually real: invisi-shield. Basically, it's like a full-body protective film for Rolex watches. Although judging from their site, it all looks pretty well manufactured and clean...
  2. TAG Heuer
    Hmm, just got my Carrera DD about a month then I had these small "scratch" on it as per picture below, kinda sad when I saw it... I don't know how I got these and as far as I know I always wipe it with tissue and it just appear:-s I understand minor scratch like this hardly avoid o|, but is...
  3. Affordable watches
    So, I got my GMT "Coke" Scratch and Dent on Wednesday. Today was first time I had a chance to take pictures. After picture, I brought it too a local watchmaker to swap out the bezel to the "pepsi". So far, it's been running +8 a day. Great fit and finish for the price. I love the size of...
1-3 of 3 Results