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  1. Oris Aquis 39.5mm screwdriver size?

    I just got an Aquis 39.5mm and recently got one screw on the lugs loose and it fell off. I brought it to my AD which they were able to fix but to prevent this from happening again, id want to get myself a 3rd party tri wing screwdriver or the official one from Oris if there are no other options...
  2. Milgauss Strap Pins

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi, ive had my milgauss for a few years now and love it to bits. this weekend however it nearly came off my wrist, one of the screw pins that holds the bracelet links together had (unknown to me) been slowly unwinding itself, it came out of the bracelet and ive no idea where it is but we were...
  3. Why I love drilled lugs and screw-in bars.

    Public Forum
    After seeing Chris' (CGSshorty) 103 LE on canvas, I knew mine was going to wear something similar. I purchased three cheapy canvas straps in orange, navy blue, and gray just to try which one I think would work the best. All three complemented the watch, but gray was the winner. The blue...
  4. Stripped Screw Head - Options?

    Hi, I recently picked up a cheap Hamilton 986 movement to help teach myself basic watch repair. The clutch lever screw head was stripped. Any suggestions on my options to get it out? For now I would like to assume the threads are fine and I would like to salvage the screw if possible. The screw...
  5. Size of the Screwbars for Tsunami Bracelet?

    Straps & Bracelets
    Does anyone know the size of the screwbars (diameter and length) for the Tsunami bracelet? I have a couple of spare links although the screw bars were stripped removing them as the previous owner LocTited them. I found some for sale... just need to verify the size. Thx!! Steve M. in Wash, DC
  6. A screw & washer loose in my PO XL 232.30

    Has this happened to any of you before? 2011 Planet Ocean XL - I noticed a few minutes ago that my watch had stop running. I turned it over and noticed that the rotor wasn't swinging anymore. I manually wound it, which appears to be working, however... I turned it over again...
  7. Source for Deployment clasp cap screw?

    Hi all, Just need a source for this tiny, tiny cap screw that holds the leather band pin to the deployment clasp. Watch is a new Jazzmaster Chrono and Hamilton deployment clasp on original band. Any suggestions? Thanks, Drift
  8. Mounting tab screws for Miyota

    What size screws are used to hold down the case mounting tabs for a Miyota based movement, also where to find these inexpensively?
  9. Warranty problem with a Casio G9000BP-1 Mudman

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a problem with my Casio G9000BP-1. The left top screw is broken inside the case. Kind of the same as here. The case and the band is perfectly find, there is just the broken screw inside the case to remove. Casio don’t want to take it in warranty because they said: The watch was...
  10. 6000 bracelet screws needed

    TAG Heuer
    Greetings fellow TAG enthusiasts! To make a long story short, I originally bought a 6000 chrono automatic over 10 years ago. The metal bracelet finally wore out, I sent it to TAG, and several months and nearly $1000 later, they had replaced about four or five consecutive two-tone links. A few...
  11. FS: Bezel Screws for Seiko Sawtooth

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    3 original screws + 1 not so much. Let's make it SOLD shipped for most of the world registered mail (some countries may be a buck or two more).
  12. Helson Shark Diver & Samsung Galaxy S

    WTT - Trade Corner
    *The Helson has been traded* I would like to trade my new condition GSM Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for a watch of the same value. The value of the phone is $450. The Galaxy is in new condition with many paid apps. It has five full length HD movies loaded as well as 16gb of on board storage...
  13. Lug/Bracelet Screw Removal Tool

    I'm looking for a good tool to remove the lug screws on my Prometheus Ocean Diver and just to have on hand when I need to remove lug or bracelet screws. I want something to make the job easier, especially when there is Loctite applied, and I want to avoid scratching the watch at all costs! Has...
  14. Lug screw removal question

    Prometheus Watch Company
    I've read of the issues regarding removal of the lug screws on the Ocean Diver, and it seems like the best method to loosen the LocTite is to use a soldering iron to heat the screw. However, how do I know which end of the lug is the screw end, and which is the bolt end? Also, has anyone ever...
  15. Trimmer setting for our watches: Which way to turn?

    Casio G-Shock
    I've been looking at all the articles on trimmer settings to adjust the accuracy. It seems most models have the trimmer screw. But the info on whether to slow them down by turning clock-wise or counter clock-wise is dispersed all over the place. So it would be good to compile a list. I'll start...
  16. Current Production G's with Screw Backs

    Casio G-Shock
    I just wanted to make sure my short list of current G's with screw case backs is complete. Please contribute any I missed JDM or otherwise. Going through the current catalog from Japan: Frogman GWF-1000 MR-G: tough to tell what that is, can't afford it anyway. Moot point for me. Giez...
  17. PAW1300G-1v Strap Chage - Screw Question

    Casio G-Shock
    I just received my PAW1300G in the mail today. I wanted to try the elastic band. I tried removing the screws on the strap bracket with my precision screwdriver. However, as I turn the screw on one side, the other side is spinning with it. Is this normal? Is there a trick to holding one side...
  18. Help!! Got a screw loose...

    Seriously, I lost one of the lug screws for my new Fortis! :oops: Any suggestions where I can get a replacement or do I have to go directly to Fortis? So far the strap is staying in just fine, but I need that screw! Any help is appreciated. :thanks Photo shows which screw I am speaking of on...