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  1. FS: Casio G-Shock DW-5735 Limited Edition

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD In honor of G-Shock's 35th Anniversary, this limited edition model boasts vintage brand styling and gold-tone accents. Featuring a round case, gold screw back, gold-tone accents against matte black, gold LCD, and gold buckle and band loop engraved with stars. Lowest...
  2. G-Shock DW5035D-1B 35th Ann. LE Screwback [EU]

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    Hi, I've got a DW5035D-1B 35th Anniversary for sale, screwback, nice and a classic look. Full set but the warranty card is unstamped, in good but used condition with a few marks at the back of the lugs. More information...
  3. FS: Casio G-Shock DW-5035D 35th Anniversary Limited Edition BRAND NEW

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    Brand New $325 OBRO Price includes all fees and shipping PayPal Only Will sell and ship to CONUS only USPS Priority Mail NO TRADES
  4. Why not a single screwback G-Shock with light G button?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, Dunno if it has been discussed, but why there is not a single screwback G-Shock with 5th G button? I noticed that even GL-110 (screwback) does not have a 5th light G button, while GL-100, a very similar non-screwback model, does have it. (GL-100, non-screwback model with G button)...
  5. G-2000 - the forgotten Screwback - a video review!

    Casio G-Shock
    Although it has been quite some time since I bought one, I just got around at making a video review the other day. This is to me the best basic G-Shock and it saddens me that Casio discontinued it, and that there are no spare parts available anymore! If someone has a spare bezel and strap...
  6. DW-5000SL "Moon Dust" -an accidental and short lived mod :)

    Casio G-Shock
    I generaly use my watches hard, and my G shock especially hard, which means it is always on my wrist when I get to do around the house maintenance or repairs or improvements, also my work although officially an office job often consists of physical labor with exposure to cement, construction...
  7. New arrival from Japan - the blast from the past

    Casio G-Shock
    Yesterday I received a package from Japan!!! YAY!!! After 2 weeks IT has arrived to me finally!! This will be a quick unboxing and then I will do a review some time down the road, although there are 2 incredible threads/posts about this model but I will mention that in the bottom so I don’t...
  8. SOLD: Casio G-Shock Giez GS-1010D Bracelet: $95

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    SOLD is a screw-back bracelet G-shock Giez 1010D. This example is hardly used, 90% very good condition, but showing just enough bad luck damage to be very affordable at $95 shipped. Ships with box, papers, and 3 unused extra links (8+"). Review of the watch: A Review of Casio G-Shock GIEZ...

    WTT - Trade Corner
    WITHDRAWN A very good condition Casio DW-5030C 30th Anniversary trade for Casio Rangeman GW-9400BJ. Please pm if you have one to trade, we can discuss the details and possible plus cashes. (this pic from web shows that the entire case made out of stainless steel IP coating not plastic.)
  10. FS: (REDUCED) CASIO G-SHOCK DW-5030C >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    FS: (REDUCED) CASIO G-SHOCK DW-5030C >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For sale only, in very good condition Casio DW-5030C 30th Anniversary. Still have plastic cover on case back, crystal is spotless. Just got it a week ago, but got a new watch coming in, so this one has to go. Still have box and paper...
  11. G-2000 (screwback) gasket source/size

    Casio G-Shock
    I have 7 G-2000 that are going to be coming up on battery changes in the next year or so. I only have 3 gaskets left!! Anyone have a source, part number, or just the o-ring size for these? I know they are getting up there in the vintage and hard to find parts for ages, but I have plenty of...
  12. DW5600B-2V Bezel Compatibility

    Casio G-Shock
    Hello fellow G-shock enthusiasts, I need help in getting a compatible BEZEL for my DW5600B-2V. I can't seem to find any forum thread related to this model because of the scarcity of this specific model. I'm wondering if the 5000 or 5600C bezels are compatible with it since they are all...
  13. eBay Auction: GW-5000, New, boxed, with all original papers

    eBay Auctions
    Hi, I am selling a rare and genuine GW-5000 on eBay and I thought I would make you aware as these are becoming very hard to come by. I accept reasonable offers, please see description on the eBay auction for more info. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Thanks!
  14. Average price for a dw-5600c?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, just wondering what a good price for a DW-5600C screwback would be, and where to get one. It seems that ebay only has extremely pricey ones or complete basket cases. Thanks again!
  15. For Sale -- Casio G-Shock 5600-C (Refurbished) $75

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    Hello to all of my watch friends, My name is Jason and I have a completely refurbished vintage Casio G-Shock 5600-C for sale today. I originally purchased the watch to be refurbish and had planned to make it my work watch but find I always wear my Seiko 'PMMM' for that so might as well go...
  16. Current Production G's with Screw Backs

    Casio G-Shock
    I just wanted to make sure my short list of current G's with screw case backs is complete. Please contribute any I missed JDM or otherwise. Going through the current catalog from Japan: Frogman GWF-1000 MR-G: tough to tell what that is, can't afford it anyway. Moot point for me. Giez...
  17. What is a 'screwback'? And does it matter?

    From time to time, you may see posters referring to 'screwback' G-shocks with some affection! The original DW-5xxx series of G-Shocks - the first Gs really - had a caseback design known as the screwback. This series until the DW-5600e had the same type of design. The screwback was and is still...
  18. FS: Casio G-Shock GW-205k Frogman ICERC - in the UK

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    For sale is this ICERC Frogman GW-205K. Bought from another forum member a couple of months back and now needed to fund more purchases. The condition is very good - I havent used it in water. Just been getting some day to day use. Very distinctive watch and has alot of wrist presence with the...
  19. Solar Atomic in a DW-5025 Screwback?

    Casio G-Shock
    Is it asking too much to want a solar atomic module (3063 or 2924) in a screwback case, such as the DW-5025? Will it fit/work?