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  1. [PICS] Horotec 9 Piece Screwdriver Set - MSA-01.201-A

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi Everyone! For a while now, I've been searching around and can't seem to find good pics of the Horotec 9 Piece Screwdriver Set, item number MSA-01.201-A. Since I recently purchased it, I thought I'd share some higher quality and close shots for anyone else curious or interested in seeing it...
  2. snapped radiomir screwdriver tip, any remedy??

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi i bought this screwdriver from After the second use on my radiomir , the tip snapped right off and it was probably my fault. I note that the tip is changeable, is there anywhere I can buy the replacement tip? I paid nearly 19usd incl shipping for this one hoping that it...
  3. Screws Bars on Nomos Orion

    Straps & Bracelets
    My friends - I need some help. As you can see from the photos: I've got screw bars on this Orion and I'm having a hard time unscrewing them. I don't want to go to the jeweler if I can take care of the job myself. I've tried the two screwdriver approach to no avail. I've found this tool...
  4. BASELWORLD 2012: BERGEON Dynamometric Screwdriver N°6901-TBPR-120

    Bergeon knows that assembly requires absolute precision and is proposing a dynamometric screwdriver with quick-change blade. It allows control of torque and a high level of repeatability. Designed for assembly and verification in watchmaking, it can also be used in microengineering, biotech and...
  5. To buy the right tools

    Casio G-Shock
    Hello! I've been around here for a short while and have already acquired quite a few watches (5600s to be exact, yeah I dig those b-)). I've been stunned by many mods I've seen around, specially those that use the DW-5025 mirror & screwback module/case, heh. So, after drooling over the pics of...