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  1. Why Does Hublot get so much hate?

    Wondering why Hublot gets so much hate? They are beautiful timepieces and have a great wrist presence, but the community as a whole, even those that can afford, seem to dislike the brand. I would love an explanation as to why, OTHER THAN the screws not lining up :)
  2. Lot of 21 original screws from Rolex 1530 / 1570 Calibre

    eBay Auctions
  3. Vostok Wostok восток Calibre 2409 Screw Diameters

    Russian watches
    This is my personal documentation of which screw driver to use with which screw in the Vostok Wostok восток Calibre 2409 movement.
  4. NEED: GLX-5600 Bezel Screws / where can I get those?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi there, So I bought a new Bezel and noticed that I used the wrong screwdriver :roll: Now I need new Screws. The problem is: I cant find the exact screws needed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important picture to explain what...
  5. G-Shock GW3000BB, how to replace the resin band?

    Articles & Tutorials
    I own a G-Shock GW3000BB, a model with resin band. The resin band is broken and I want to replace it. I could acquire a genuine Casio replacement band for this model. Howver I do not know *how* to replace it, and I was looking for some info on this (pictures would be supercool). Is there...
  6. GD-350 'Wings' removal. Need shorter screws.

    Casio G-Shock
    I'd like to remove the wings from GD-350 because my wrist happens to be large and they aren't comfortable. But then the screws would be sticking out. So, what model screws would fit a wingless GD-350?
  7. WTB - Screwbars for Tsunami Bracelet

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hey gents, I'm looking for some spare screwbars for my Tsunami bracelet... I don't need links or anythings else. Please let me know if you have any you are willing to part with. Best, Steve M. in Wash, DC
  8. Sinn 142 St II replacement screws for integrated bracelet? See pics

    I have a 142 St II, I realized the bracelet has become loose. One of the screws has snapped. There are 3 on each end of the bracelet. They are used to connect the spring bar holder to the bracelet. Anyone know where I can get replacements? I will be using a leather strap till this is fixed. If...
  9. Vintage steel case CASIO owners -- a caution on those screws

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a DW-5025D that is basically in near mint condition aside from some partial use visible on the band. It looks like it is new and I wear it periodically. I do have a spare band for it, in case the original gets badly damaged. Today I went to remove the bezel to get a chance to examine...
  10. Screws in Boctok 2416b common or norm size?

    Russian watches
    Hi everyone! This is a great forum, which I enjoyed very much so far and I've found lots of useful tips and reviews here. Thank you all very much for sharing your info. I am new to this forum and my 1st language is not English so bear with me if I use weird vocabulary or grammar ;-) I just...
  11. GW7900 to G-7900 Bezel Switch

    Public Forum
    Hey guys, just finally got my first G Shock! I purchased the GW7900 and the 7900 bezel and screws from tiktox, can someone here please explain to me how to change the bezel. Thanks!
  12. Case clamp screws for Miyota 8215

    What size screws are used to hold down the case clamp tabs for a Miyota based movement, also where to find these inexpensively? It is actually a DG3804 which is a GMT mod DG2813 which is a somewhat part interchangeable clone of of Miyota 8215 but with hacking and hand winding. This is a repost...
  13. Where Can I Buy Replacement Screws For This Watch?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi everyone, i won this watch from a friend at school like 2 years ago and it's become my favorite watch. Recently a screw went missing, I believe it was while fishing with my dad. I've went to two watch repair shops at the mall and neither of them had screws for it... I tried looking for screws...
  14. 6000 bracelet screws needed

    TAG Heuer
    Greetings fellow TAG enthusiasts! To make a long story short, I originally bought a 6000 chrono automatic over 10 years ago. The metal bracelet finally wore out, I sent it to TAG, and several months and nearly $1000 later, they had replaced about four or five consecutive two-tone links. A few...
  15. lost the screws of a DW-004

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi there......I would like to know if somebody knows where I could get the screws for a G-Shock dw-004 (6 of them, four on the back and 2 on the sides). I changed the battery and the genious :think:(me), lost the screws..........I live in Canada...... Thanks in advance....
  16. Casebacks: Screwed in and Fixed with Screws

    Public Forum
    As far as I know, this design decision has often been discussed among G-Shock enthusiasts. I'm not too interested in the economical factor, ease of maintenance, or capability of the watch but the reason a lot of "dress watches" are equipped with casebacks fastened with screws instead of...
  17. Speedmaster Bracelet Adjustment

    I just got a new Speedmaster "40 Anniversary Moon Landing" watch and need to take some links out of the bracelet. I researched the forum, but didn't find the answers I was looking for. I have successfuly used a pin-pusher tool to adjust bracelets on other, non-Omega watches. This bracelet...
  18. G7900 customization?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey all, Just signed up, never knew there was a site so awesome, its got everything, so i thought id join in the fu. il get to the poin now. I just got a G7900-1, the standard one, and was wondering if someone has possibly removed the bezel? i would really like to know if it was possible, to...
  19. I am close to buying a OE, but I am concerned..

    Dive watches
    Gents, I am close to concluding a purchase of an Ocean Explorer, but I am somewhat worried about the state/condition of the screws for the lug bars. They seem to have suffered quite a bit from changing between the straps. Are replacement screws easily available, and at a reasonable price...
  20. Is a DW-6900 with three screws still water resistant?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, guys! Got one of these yellow DW-9600's last week from It's my first Japan made G-shock and it was very cheap and it's gorgeous. (By the way, thanks for the article, Sjors!). However, when I changed the...