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  1. Tissot
    I hope a Tissot official is participating in this Forum, as I tried to use the form without success. I bought a lovely Tissot Sea-Touch in 2010 and went diving about three times. Unfortunately my eyesight detoriated during this period and I could not read the digital...
  2. Dive watches
    Hey guys, I recently bought a orange tissot sea touch whilst abroad in the states, problem being it is feet not metres. Metres is what I normally dive in. im putting it out there if any one is in the same boat, but reversed (you have metre and want feet) and your piece is is new or in a near...
  3. 2009
    Patented technology at your fingertips! With its tactile screen and rarely equalled underwater legibility, the Sea-Touch from Tissot is indispensable for anyone exploring the ocean depths. Not content to meet all the criteria required by European norm 13319 regarding diving instruments, the...
1-3 of 3 Results