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  1. My Scenic Quest For A Watch

    Public Forum
    Greetings watch-enthusiasts! It would mean the world to me if you could help me find a watch. I'm looking for an automatic men's watch with a perpetual calendar (day and date) that has a replaceable strap option. My preference goes to a ±39 mm stainless steel case with black dial that's not too...
  2. Watch brands based on criteria

    Public Forum
    Hi, dear experts and watchlovers. I am looking for watch brands that produce watches to 3000 dollars with real alligator strap (this is by no means a price cap for the brand). The second criterion is the existence of the collection include Tourbillon and gold case 18k (no price limits)...
  3. Suggestions please - White dial watch.

    Public Forum
    Enthusiasts, I am in search of a possibly perfect "dress" watch. It seems that I have a problem in which I invent in my head what I want and then try to hunt it down. Sadly, I rarely seem to find what is in my head. A personal problem I know. Anyway... I am looking for a White dial, blue...
  4. Manual GMT, the search.

    Public Forum
    Hello and bare with me, the first time forum participant. I am in search of a manual wind GMT. I have found several great automatics, and even an eco drive, but the wind up seems to elude me. I am not looking for a premium time piece, but something of good quality for sure. The more rugged...
  5. Still looking for affordable GMT

    Affordable watches
    Hello everyone. I am still looking for a affordable GMT. I'd like it to have 24h scale, auto/mech movement and at least 100m WR. The closest I get is but it's too bald a I didn't see any review about it. May be someone know something similar? (the grail is Glycine Airman, but I don't have...
  6. Casio Model Search HELP

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, just registered here cause im searching for a special casio model i saw on the internet. maybe someone reading this knows the model-number. unfortunately i know nothing about the model, all i have is a photo.
  7. Can someone help me figure out what watch this is?

    Public Forum I'm pretty sure that is not the stock strap it comes with
  8. Why can't I get all the watches that are available to show up in my eBay search results?

    Public Forum
    When I search for watches, I always ensure my settings are set to "worldwide" and I search in "title & description" when needed. Just by chance, when searching Google for the watch I was looking for, a link came up for the watch on (Italy). I am located in Canada. I could not get the...
  9. search for digital watch

    Digital & ABC watches
    Well, a few years before i got Christmas present - digital watches. I love them, but then i lost it. Now i can't find it anywhere. May be somebody know them: Digital, with no buttons, instead them there was screw on right side. Specially for setup there unidirectional rotating bezel. Design of...
  10. Looking for a watch...

    Public Forum
    Hi, My girlfriend's watch got chewed up by her dog earlier today. It has a lot of sentimental value and I wanted to look around to see if anyone knew of a place where I can get another one as close to it as possible. It's got a special band that's fuzzy with a keg on it too. Image below, not...
  11. need suggestions for outdoor/camping watch- auto- ~$200 budget

    Affordable watches
    hello all, so i'm getting the itch to buy another watch. i currently have an alpha pvd pilot multifunction with orange hour markers, but i don't really like the color scheme, and the lume is no good. quality is another issue, as one of the subdial hands fell off and the rotor worked itself...
  12. Serial No. Search

    TAG Heuer
    Is there any database online or other method to search a Tag Heuer serial No. to determine what year the watch was produced? Does Tag Heuer provide such service?
  13. Finding Models per year / per brand

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi awesome fellow members, I am pondering over the following questions: 1. If I wish to find the majority of watches made for 2010, I can buy off Amazon the "Wristwatch Annual" and assume 90+% of the 2010 watches will be in. What if I want to go farther back in time than 2000 [which is the...