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  1. SEIKO MARVEL 19 jewels. GWO. just serviced. refinished dial

    eBay Auctions
    100% authentic SEIKO MARVEL watch. the dial just refinished in my workshop (with hot acrylic enamel) you can see the previous condition of the watch in my eBay listing (pic.11) the parts has been replaced: the bezel, crystal, minute hand, second hand. that's all. all other parts are authentic...
  2. SEIKOSHA EMPIRE very rare pocket watch / WRONG HAIRSPRING. NO HANDS / 1 DAY

    eBay Auctions
    40.5mm size . ONLY 24hours LEFT . very fine porcelain dial. authentic crystal without a cracks. all parts is good condition. just cleaned. except the hairspring. it is wrong. need to be replaced. the balance staff is OK. and also there is no hands. that's all.
  3. Does anybody know about this antique seiko?

    Seiko watch reviews
    I got this watch from my friend. I think it is old watch. because in backcase, date is written 36.1.16. Is this watch really made 1963 year..? It has seiko mark on its crown, backcase and movement. Does it has a value for selling? I want to make a money by this watch and buy a new watch to...
  4. EMPIRE SEIKOSHA Early 20th Century Pocketwatch; Need Help with Identification!

    I was given this SEIKOSHA EMPIRE Pocketwatch as a family heirloom. The time period this was manufactured should be sometime between 1880 and 1934 (the last year EMPIRE watches were in production, as according to the Seiko Museum website). I would include the link, but I'm not given the...
  5. Seikosha Precision Pocket Watch

    Vintage Watch Review (Vintage Japanese Watches)
    I received this pocket watch from my wife. It belonged to her father. The watch definitely shows it age as there are scratches galore, and the scratches show clear signs of oxidation. But, when I wound it up, it started running straight away. I have no idea about the age or history of the watch...
  6. WW2 Seikosha in need of repair

    We have a Seikosha 10.5''' [23.6mm] manual wind, small seconds at 6 that is in need of a balance staff and perhaps a hair spring. The movement is inscribed Seikosha, but there are no marks or inscriptions indicating model or caliber. It has a 3 finger movement. With no catalog information we...
  7. Authentic Seiko Marvel?

    Public Forum
    I am unsure where this post should go, so if it is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I was browsing the web, when I came across a vintage Seiko Marvel with a 19 jewel, antishock movement. I'm trying to do my research. I was not in the market for a watch, but this one hit me hard. I also...
  8. FS : Seiko Champion 850 rare watch w/ Seikosha movement REDUCED

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Seiko Champion 850 Very rare watch from early '60 with Seikosha movement. Dial : original, aging Hands : original, aging Case : unpolished, light scratches from daily wearing Crystal : original, light polished to make it clearer Crown : original, normal for setting hours and to fill power by...
  9. Can anyone help re. info on an SKS Minister Chronometer pocket watch please?

    I have been tasked with trying to find out information on and a value of a Seikosha Minister Chronometer pocket watch which belonged to my late Grandad. So far I have not found any images on the internet which resemble what I have. Any help re. info and possible value would be gratefully...
  10. in search of red handed watches

    Affordable watches
    I recently saw a couple red-handed watches and I really would like one. I did some searching and came across this one: Do you guys know what other red hand watches are out there? I saw the HMT Janata and unless I can't get that, I would like to know the other options out there. I'm looking...
  11. Vintage Chinese watch with Japanese movement

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I visited the epic thread on xitek for the first time in ages This unusual piece caught my eye. It's a pre-1955 Shanghai Hua Cheng watch with a Seikosha 7 jewel movement You don't see that everyday, eh? I wonder what the story was with...