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  1. Seiko
    Now before someone comes at me with a pitchfork, I don't want to get a refinished watch, with an exception to lapinist and only if it's a watch I plan to keep that is My reason for looking for sellers who deal with refinished products is that they might have their own ways to get stock and...
  2. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Quick responses, friendly communication, extremely accommodating, what more do you need? Buy from Dboulders with confidence, he's a GREAT seller.
  3. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I never wear this watch and it should go to someone who would. This is the Invicta, Model 1202, Russian Diver Camo - Swiss Made quartz. This is a limited edition #0723/5000. I wore this only once or twice. It is Black/Grey with a black/grey camo face with date. 52mm in diameter, not including...
  4. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Great communication, fast, reasonable shipping from the other side of the planet, great timepiece! Couldn't be happier.
  5. Public Forum
    Tell me about that time when you started getting interested in a watch, researched and then decided to look into the sales corner only to find out that you missed on some very good deals from a few weeks back. I've been looking around for some Nomos and there were a lot of good options sold in...
  6. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Forum members, I'm seeking advice and experiences of any of you who search Ebay for your horological object(s) of desire. Over the past two weeks I have had six 'no sale' experiences after bidding (three of them after bidding, winning and paying) for a Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811. Three...
  7. Public Forum
    Yeah. I've never bid on a watch before, or many things. I usually just buy it now, but after looking into some watch sellers who sell through auctions, I'm not sure how genuine it is. How often would a seller make fake ebay accounts to boost the price of the watch? I know it might sound crazy...
  8. Casio G-Shock
    I bought my first g-shock (AWG-100) from The main problem is that I paid the price once more in taxes because i live in Europe,Romania. Give me an advice, where to buy g-shock watches online at good prices in Europe. Some links to sellers on e-bay or other sites are welcome. Thanks
  9. Seiko
    I am thinking about getting a Seiko SKX007 from ebay seller watchus2 or A.K.A RC Time in Miami, Fl. Anyone ever deal with them and if so, as stated on their listing authentic and genuine watches???? Some references needed here before I pull the trigger, thank you
  10. Ot

    Public Forum
1-10 of 10 Results