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  1. Public Forum
    Have you ever been to the point, where you don't have money for a new watch, so you sell one or some of your watch collection to buy a new One? well... i guess a lot of you did this 😅 I Want to know what is your criteria in selling those watches, because sometimes you didn't even thought of...
  2. Public Forum
    what are the pros and cons of buying/selling to/from a dealer or jeweler???
  3. Breitling
    Hi everyone I am a noob to watches so please excuse my lack of knowledge and lingo. After receiving 2 Breitling watches over the past few years as gifts (from my boss at work), I have developed an interest in watches so you'll be seeing me a lot more, which will hopefully be fortunate for this...
  4. Public Forum
    Good afternoon I have been driving myself to the point of distraction and relative insanity. How and where to get my collection of 200 watches in front of people to sell them? eBay have become a behemoth with little regard for the seller. Chrono24 want me to be a registered UK business with a...
  5. Public Forum
    Hey guys I am completely new here, so pls excuse me if I chose the wrong category. The headline already states my question. I was wondering why Chrono24 only shows reviews and star ratings for professional sellers and why there are no reviews 🖋 or star ratings ⭐️ for private sellers. Does...
  6. Public Forum
    I’m considering selling a watch to a dealer. I’m aware I’ll not get as good a price as I might get elsewhere, but weighing up the potential risk of the alternatives and the fact I’ve never sold before it feels like the safest choice. I have a few questions to those that have done it before; -...
  7. Affordable watches
    What is the most popular method use for selling an affordable that you "never bonded with"? (pawn shop, craigslist, donate?) We're talking watches worth < $100. Is this a poll? :unsure: I don't have 100 posts yet.
  8. News from the Watch Industry
    It's a fact of life that it's always easier to buy watches than to sell them. You probably have many a watch that seemed like a great idea at the time, but now it sits lonely and unloved in a shoebox somewhere in your closet. Some of your watches may not have seen the light of day this side of...
1-8 of 8 Results